Kandi Burruss Criticized By Fans For Pushing Vibrating Panties On Her Real Housewives Of Atlanta Castmates

We all know that Kandi Burruss is sex positive. And she loves her vibrators! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star has a whole sex toy empire and has for some time. Her company, Bedroom Kandi, sells everything from vibrators to handcuffs. One of which Kandi tried to get her castmates to enjoy while on their cast trip to New York City.

During the RHOA episode, Kandi requested that her fellow cast members wear a pair of vibrating panties to attend her latest Broadway play. Some, like newbie Sanya Richards-Ross, played along. Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton did not. Kenya said in her confessional, “I’m not going to wear vibrating panties around other people’s men. My vajayjay is closed for business on this trip.”

Now Kandi is taking some heat for being pushy about the matter. As reported by Page Six, fans took to social media to share their thoughts and give Kandi a piece of their mind. One fan tweeted, “I still don’t understand why Kandi want the women wearing vibrating panties to a play about black mens trauma #RHOA.” Another added, “Kandi wanted the girls wearing her vibrating panties at her showcase? Yeah, it’s getting weird Kandi, we need to draw the line somewhere.”

More fans agreed with one stating, “I feel like Kandi should respect people when they tell her that the sex stuff is too much instead of shaming them for not being as open is she is. The ‘loosen up’ ‘you need some play’ rebuttal [sic] everytime someone expresses their discomfort is borderline predatory. Idc #RHOA.” Yet another user wrote, “Yep, she really should respect other people’s boundaries, even when she doesn’t understand/agree with them. The ‘no judgment’ zone around sex goes both ways.”

Kandi jumped on Twitter to address the situation. She explained that she thought vibrating panties would be a“funny way to stop folks from arguing” throughout the evening. Kandi then tweeted, “I told them not to use it while we were in the play of course. The game was supposed to be- anytime someone said something shady or started arguing then you hit the remote for the vibration to start. It was supposed to be a funny way to stop folks from arguing.”


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]