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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Big Apple, Bigger Drama

Marlo Hampton enlists Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore to help her with her new home plans. These are two legends of the home building process, so this should be good. I love that Marlo will have her own floor in this new house. She’s embracing her auntie status, but she’s always giving herself a lavish space of her own.

Kenya and Sheree love the plans for the new home so far. This house will likely be built in far less time than their respective abodes. The only downside of Marlo’s place is how far away she is from everyone else. Is her home even in Atlanta still?

Marlo and Kenya get into a spat about everyone’s questioning where her money comes from. She can’t be serious. She’s never been forthcoming about the origins of her income over the years. People are bound to ask questions.

Sheree plans on seeing Tyrone Gilliams while in NYC. FINALLY. It’s about damn time the women get to meet Sheree’s ex-con bae. He’s technically allowed to go there because it’s within the required radius.

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker are still not vibing about this apartment he has. He wants her to be on board about it so bad, but she’s not interested. She doesn’t want a place that he was originally intending on using for himself and another woman.

Todd’s really good at flipping the script and making Kandi seem like the bad guy. Sometimes it seems like he punishes her for her success. I like Todd, but he can do a lot better as a husband. He’s not Ralph Pittman bad, but he still has room for improvement.

Drew and Ralph meet with their therapist, and this should be highly entertaining. Their marriage is a total trainwreck. Ralph’s harping on the fact of giving her a steak and lobster dinner and not the facts. He just doesn’t get it.

Their therapist calls them out for always attacking one another. They never listen to what the other is trying to say. They both come into every situation with their own agendas and ulterior motives. If their marriage continues down this same path for much longer, I can’t imagine it being successful.

Kenya Moore Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi’s invitation for her trip is a lot more provocative than what Marlo did. She has a whole ass half-naked woman show up to invite everyone. WAIT. OH MY GOD! It’s Patrick Dallas and Safari from Kandi and the Gang. I’m screaming! She had her own relative show up basically naked to do this.

Kenya’s running with the fact that Kandi had them show up doing that. I wonder if they’re going to feud. I doubt it though because that’s Kenya’s only true friend in the group.

NOT A SPRINTER VAN. The cast is going to ride in a sprinter van. Nothing good happens in a sprinter van. Someone be on the lookout for Homeland Security.

Kenya feels blindsided about it being a couple’s trip. She’s single, and she was never given the information about this. She’s also still pressed about the way Kandi invited everyone. I know she has a lot going on, but she’s looking for a fight with her only genuine ally. That’s a good way to end up on an island alone.

Sanya Richards-Ross says her wildest sex story is on a plane to Dubai, but Drew Sidora doubts it. She doesn’t think she ever got freaky outside of her bed. Why does Drew stay hating on everyone? She’s such a damn downer.

Drew Sidora Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Everyone in the group is on decent terms so far on the first group trip of the season. However, the writing’s on the wall for future feuds to come. Sanya’s beginning to question Drew’s loyalty as a friend.

Drew says Sheree was evil at the tea part. That’s taking things a little too far. Sheree wasn’t even the one out there spilling the alleged tea about Ralph. It was her friend. Not only that, but shouldn’t both Sheree and Drew be directing their anger toward the assistant and not each other? The anger feels so misdirected.

Kandi and Todd are making things awkward for everyone in the sprinter van. They’re airing out their dirty laundry in front of the entire group. They should tread lightly. This is the type of group that will take an opening like that and run with it to cause chaos.

Everyone notices at dinner that Drew isn’t wearing her wedding ring. The producers flash to her constantly not wearing it. We love the shady editing!

Drew fills the group in about their therapy exercise which probably won’t go well. Ralph wants Drew to get over his mess with his assistant. He’s joking, right? That relationship and correspondence were highly unacceptable.

Kenya’s sticking up for Drew in a genuine effort to be a real friend to her. However, Ralph’s digging the hole deeper. Kenya’s leading the charge and really taking up for Drew. She accuses Ralph of tearing Drew down. It’s useless though. He laughs it off.

Ralph reminds Kenya so much of her ex Marc Daly because of the blatant gaslighting. Ralph’s completely comfortable feeding Drew bullshit to her face. She needs to stand up for herself and recognize her own self-worth. After two seasons of this show, her marriage is looking worse than ever.

Things quickly move to the feud between Drew and Sheree. Kandi tries to make sense of the situation and says the assistant is the originator of the rumor. Here we go!


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