Diana Jenkins Apologizes For Slamming Black Content Creator

Apologies are in order. Diana Jenkins is barely half a season in on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and she’s already caused a controversy off screen. The Bosnian-born philanthropist and entrepreneur made an offensive remark after one Instagram account posted an old picture of her.

As reported by Page Six, Diana rudely responded to the Instagram account @philly.diva, which is run by Kristen Dionne. Kristen reposted a tweet, showing a picture of Diana from years ago, next to a current RHOBH confessional snap. The original tweet read, “My mind can’t comprehend that this is the same woman.” Kristen captioned the post, “Uuhhhh I guess the first @sdjneuro was the one that shopped in stores and the 2nd is allergic to dust and doesn’t know what an outlet is.”

Diana clearly didn’t appreciate it and took to the comments. She wrote, “That picture was actually taken At UCLA law school talking about war crimes in my country and setting up human rights clinic that i financed Before war criminals were brought to justice.” Then added, “I was probably 20 or 30 Pounds skinnier and having glam was last thing on my mind. Also looks like picture is manipulated. But shame on you!!!! You and your bulls–t shopping!!!”

Kristen replied to Diana directly and wrote, “Holy [poop emoji] you had time today!! But the fact is…. both pics are you. However neither of them look alike! Welcome to the bravo-sphere!” She then urged Diana to “keep that same energy with the rest of Instagram that thinks you have no storyline and should be fired.”

In a since-deleted comment, Kristen, who is Black, continued, “and not just with the Black content creators.” Diana snapped back,“It can’t feel good being a Black content creator.” Yikes, Diana.

Naturally, fans were pissed. One wrote, “Ur [sic] know ur done for this comment.. right???” Another added, “This is soooo out of line. Bravo needs to see this. I truly hope this gets back her comment was distasteful and out of line. She’s [email protected]! She just exposed her hand.” Multiple users then tagged both Andy Cohen and Bravo in the comments.

Diana either went to bed or logged off but quickly woke up to a sh– storm the next day. She wrote in the comments that castmate Crystal Kung Minkoff woke her up with a “screaming” phone call. According to Diana, Crystal then demanded to know what she meant. Diana explained, “I assumed ‘Black content creator’ was a title referring to a page that would be focused on snarky content. I copied the term because I thought that’s what it meant. I didn’t realize it was referencing to you as a Black woman and a content creator.”

She then addressed Kristen directly with an apology, “Please understand i am not from this country @philly.diva so deeply sorry. I’m devastated that this was taken to mean something racially insensitive. I understand now why it was taken that way and that was never my intention. I am truly sorry.” Kristen alleged that she didn’t receive the comment because Diana blocked her.

Kristen also went on to wonder why Diana would come after her account, which only has a little over 7,600 followers. She made the point that Diana took the time to comment on her post, rather than the “white creators that have posted the same picture with FAR MORE FOLLOWERS.”

Bravo has yet to respond to the matter.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]