Vicki Gunvalson Denies Sending Hundreds Of Texts To Dorinda Medley; Dorinda Still Upset Vicki Doesn’t Like Her Home

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club has officially been released! But the feud between Dorinda Medley and Vicki Gunvalson has been heating up for months now. Their issues date all the way back to the start of filming, when the two fought over the COVID-19 vaccine. A source close to production said that Vicki allegedly told the cast that they would die if they got the COVID vaccine. Things quickly escalated from there, with the costars attacking each other on social media as of late. If they are trying to drum up interest in the show, they did their job. I’m falling for it hook, line and sinker!

As reported by E! News, both Dorinda and Vicki are now giving us an update on where they stand. The former Real Housewives of Orange County OG took the time to discredit Dorinda’s claim that Vicki text her hundreds of times. Vicki snapped, “I actually counted them. She sent me seven, I sent her nine. So, is that a hundred? That’s not a hundred. It’s called 16, back and forth. But I sent her nine and a voicemail saying, ‘Knock it off.’ You don’t go deep down where she did, and it was childish.” Vicki concluded that she’s “taking the high road.”

For her part, Dorinda, who was fired from Real Housewives of New York two years ago, shared, “I’m good, girl. I’m like an NFL player. I get on the field, I hit that s–t, and then I get off the field and I’m ready to have a beer and have fun.” When Dorinda says she’s “good,” why do I get the feeling she is anything but?

Dorinda went on to address Vicki making fun of her home, Blue Stone Manor, where the series was filmed. Said Dorinda, “Listen, Blue Stone Manor may not be everyone’s taste, which I don’t believe—it’s pretty much everyone’s taste, the place is fabulous—but she didn’t like it.”

She added, “The good news is when I watched the first episode, I thought it was me because when she came, I realized she wasn’t so thrilled to be there from the get-go. But I realized it kind of happened even before the gates opened. So, the Berkshires aren’t for everyone.”

Vicki clapped back and said, “She’s never been in my homes. Of course I have taste.” And this isn’t the first time Dorinda has slammed Vicki’s taste. She recently destroyed Vicki by dragging her for her taste in men. Dorinda remarked, “Like, you may not like my life, but I also don’t date people that pretend to have cancer, you know what I mean?”


[Photo Credit: Bravo]