Married At First Sight Recap: – Whole Wife For A Whole Life?

Married At First Sight is starting to get interesting. We are finally getting to see a little more about each person’s personality and how they interact with their spouse. I am ready to get to the honeymoon phase. Everyone knows that is when things really start getting real. Right now everyone is being polite and nice. I can’t wait to see how some of these couples’ journeys unfold.

With one wedding down and four to go, the soon-to-be spouses anxiously prepare to say “I do” to a stranger.  However, when one groom gets terrible news, a wedding has to be postponed for the first time in Married at First Sight history. I have to admit I see some chemistry with this cast. Who knows how that will that will play out later, but right now it is encouraging.  Let’s get straight to the recap.

Stacia and Nate

Stacia and Nate are the next couple to take the big leap. Both seem nervous, but just as excited to walk down the aisle. After a quick ceremony, they have some time to get to know one another. So far, they are impressed to learn they both have an entrepreneurial spirit. Stacia also reveals that she likes her home to be uncomfortably clean. Later, Nate doesn’t waste any time getting some kisses during their wedding pictures. I can feel the chemistry through the screen. Whew!  I can’t lie, they make a handsome couple.  But I am still suspicious of him, after that bachelor party.


Alexis and Justin


Now that Alexis and Justin are married, they seem to be a lot more comfortable around one another. They even share a kiss on the dance floor. But time stops for Alexis when she learns her husband has been celibate for quite a while.  Don’t worry; I’m sure he still remembers how things work. LMAO! I am looking forward to see how these two interact as they get to know one another. I wouldn’t think that Justin would be Alexis’ type, but she seems open to get to know him. But it is obvious he is smitten with his wife already. If they both remain open and truly work on a relationship, they may have a real chance.


Lindy and Miguel

Lindy and Miguel are both feeling the pressure to find some common ground with their spouse. As much as they want to be married, they are also nervous about what comes with being in a new relationship. As expected, both are worried about whether they will get along or are they making a huge mistake Miguel really hopes his wife will accept his gaming lifestyle. But once they both see each other at the altar, Lindy gives her groom a sweet hug.

After the wedding, the newlyweds share some champagne and conversation. Miguel immediately jumps into talk of dungeons and dragons. He even brought out a prop to make his point. Insert side eye here. I thought this was when things would fall apart. But in a post interview, Lindy says she thought it was cute that he has a nerdy hobby. Maybe the experts matched him with the right girl. When she learns that Miguel is a doctor and able to travel, she can’t hide her excitement. Okay, I like these two so far. I can’t wait to see where this goes in the future.


Krysten and Mitch

Krysten still hasn’t told her dad why she has him flying across the country to meet with her. She seeks the counsel of her bridesmaids for advice on how to break the news when arrives. Meanwhile, Mitch is having a diva moment when he feels like his barber cut too much of his beard. This is why you don’t have a new stylist the same day as an important event. If he is that particular, he should have arranged to have everything done before his wedding day.  Sigh! I actually think he looks nice. Let’s hope it’s just his nerves and he isn’t prone to flying off the handle. Krysten’s dad finally arrives to what he finds out is her wedding and is shocked. I guess we will have to wait to see if he will support his daughter.


Morgan and Binh

Morgan gets devastating news when she learns that her wedding will be postponed. Binh contracted COVID, so it wouldn’t be safe for him to attend a gathering. Naturally, Morgan is disappointed, but she has so many thoughts in her mind. She is worried for his health, but can’t help but wonder did he have cold feet and lie to get out of the ceremony. I would really hope someone who signed up for this show wouldn’t do that just to buy time. I can also see how her mind would race with all types of thoughts when her wedding was only a few days away. But I’m sure Binh is actually sick and hopefully he makes a quick recovery.



[Photo Credit: Lifetime]