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Madison LeCroy And Venita Aspen Say Taylor Ann Green Loves Shep Rose More Than Shep Loves Taylor

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green’s relationship has taken on a new aspect this season on Southern Charm.  Taylor has been given more airtime, and is expressing her hopes to have a child in the near future.  Meanwhile, the duo had a pregnancy “scare” on a recent episode, and Shep’s reaction should be a good indication that the Average Expectations author is far from excited about fatherhood.

It’s pretty clear to viewers that Shep is happy to take Taylor’s time because it suits him, knowing full well she has her heart set on building a family in the future.  Southern Charm costars are getting the same vibe, even newbie Venita Aspen, who recently gave an interview to Us Weekly alongside veteran Madison LeCroy.

Venita gave a clear “no” to the question of whether Shep and Taylor will ever wed.  She opined about the imbalance in the relationship, “I think that the unfortunate thing with them is that Taylor loves Shep more than Shep loves Taylor. And like, you should never be with a man that doesn’t love you as much as you love him.”

Venita added, “That’s just the harsh reality from the outside looking in and kind of seeing them like, you know, having their fights or whatever.”

It seems like their relationship is going through the ringer this season.  In the Season 8 trailer, Shep can be seen berating Taylor in a most unbecoming manner.

Madison sees Shep’s intentions very clearly, though it’s not as if he hasn’t been honest about his feelings.  The mother of one said Shep has, “made it very clear” he will not be Taylor’s “forever guy.” And that’s “OK”, according to the Maven salon owner.

Madison does credit Shep’s honesty and likens his character to that of her ex- Austen Kroll.  “I mean, at least he’s open and honest about it,” she explained. “But you can’t expect a guy like that to now wanna, like, go get married.”

By comparison, Madison got engaged to Brett Randle in October 2021, nearly a year after ending things with playboy Austen for good.  And her advice to Taylor is to ditch her expectations, or the compromising relationship. She shouldn’t try to “convince him” to commit if “he’s not begging to marry you.”

Indeed, after two years together, Taylor may be looking to take the next step.  She first confirmed her relationship with Shep on social media in May of 2020, and first appeared on Southern Charm Season 7.  Taylor stuck it out even after Shep admitted to cheating on her.

Now it’s a battle of wills between Taylor’s biological clock and Shep’s Peter Pan syndrome. During a recent episode, he admitted to Austen, “I don’t want to have kids right now. But we don’t use protection. I don’t know what I want. Almost two years and I’m happy. My life is really good and she’s a big, big part of that.”

Austen’s shocked reaction during a confessional is everything us viewers are feeling. “Shep has never had to compromise with anybody,” he said. “It’s selfish and it’s unfair to Taylor.”

After watching the episode, Madison pondered the irony of her ex discussing commitment. “Austen giving relationship advice to anyone is baffling to me,” Madison told Us Weekly.


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