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Kyle Richards Says It Is Very Difficult To Film Real Housewives With Her Sisters

Justice for Kim Richards! With all the newfound appreciation for Brandi Glanville going around after her appearance on Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip Ex-Wives Club, I think we all need to revisit the early seasons of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to modernize and re-calibrate. Hindsight is 20/20.

Kim, as I’m sure we all remember anyways, was a white-hot mess. Stirring mayo-based salad with her hands, standing up to her condescending sister, and of course, talking about THE HUSBAND without blinking twice. A legend. Kim left little to the imagination, cementing herself as reality TV gold forever.

Despite Kim bringing viewers loads of drama, laughs, darkness, and sometimes even hope, having her around was clearly difficult for her sister Kyle Richards. Kyle stole Kim’s god damned house (allegedly), tried to break up her friendship with Brandi (our first view into Kyle’s agro-arm-grabbing tendencies, mind you), and even outted Kim’s addiction issues in their first season together.

“When my sister Kim was on [Real Housewives of Beverly Hills], it was great, and then it was awful. It was one of the worst times on the show for me ever,” Kyle told People during an interview.

After Kim and Kyle aired out their differences at the Season 5 reunion, Kim’s appearances on the show were more limited. In time, Kathy Hilton, Kim and Kyle’s third sister, joined the series in a friend-of capacity.

“With Kathy, I was like, ‘It’s gonna be great, we’re gonna have fun.’ And we really did last season. And of course, something happened this season but we are sisters. We’re blood. So, we’ll always come back together again at the end of the day,” Kyle revealed.

Kyle adds that she has “absolutely” shared way too much of her personal life on reality TV. She explained, “They’re following us around, they know what’s going on in our lives behind the cameras…and inevitably it always comes out, but that is what it is.” She added, “That’s part of the downside.”

The season trailer for the latest RHOBH season teases a moment where Kyle is upset while Lisa Rinna tells Kathy, “You said something about this beautiful sister of yours. I’m sorry, Kathy. You’re not going to get away with it.” Ominous indeed. But those supplemental Richards sisters sure do keep the storylines flowing for Lisa and Kyle, don’t they?


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