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Kathy Hilton Was “So Hurt” When Kyle Richards Outed Kim Richards As An Alcoholic That She Didn’t Watch Season 1 Of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been dark this season, and Kathy Hilton has been the light-hearted comedic touch that we needed. During the girls’ trip to Lake Tahoe, Kathy played a martini “bottoms up” prank on her RHOBH co-stars. She lugged her beloved box fan with her on the trip.

In the middle of the night, Kathy and her fan marched to her sister, Kyle Richards’ room. Kathy downed some Red Bull and read the newspaper. As one does on vacation.

Only Kathy could wear a tablecloth as a dress on a night out. When her dress was hot and sticking to her, Kathy and her friend improvised a sarong from a restaurant tablecloth. Kathy joked in an Instagram video about the incident, “It was either that or Hunky Dory would have to go home. What can I tell you? I didn’t have my fan with me.”

Kathy held an elegant dinner party for the ladies, but things went south in a hurry when Erika Jayne threatened Sutton Stracke for asking some questions. The soiree was called the Dinner Party from Hell- Part Two. Kathy and her butler, Patrick, are probably still having nightmares.

Kim Richards, Kathy and Kyle’s sister, starred with Kyle on the show when it kicked off. However, Kim’s struggle with sobriety was a source of strife between Kyle and Kim. The infamous limo scene during the Season 1 finale when Kyle revealed that Kim was an alcoholic is one of the most jaw-dropping moments in RHOBH history.

But Kathy and Kyle also had a rocky relationship. Kyle’s husband, Mauricio Umansky, worked for Kathy’s husband, Rick Hilton, in his real estate firm. When Mauricio wasn’t offered a partner role, he left and founded The Agency.

Kyle brought a scripted series, titled American Woman, to television. It was “loosely based” on Kyle’s childhood. Kathy was against the project and didn’t want any family secrets exposed.

Kathy and Kyle didn’t speak for years. Kathy actually joined RHOBH to see more of her sister. “My family knew how much I was hurting and wanting to spend more time with Kyle.” It was wonderful to see the bond between the sisters this season. When Kathy joined the show in a Friend of the Housewives role, her first call was to Kim.

The scene in the limo during Season 1 was a traumatic one for Kathy. She revealed that she tuned out after that scene. According to Page Six, Kathy shared her feelings about Season 1 of RHOBH on the Sirius XM podcast Lunch with Bruce. Kathy was “so hurt at what happened that first season” when Kyle outed Kim as an alcoholic. Kathy shared that she didn’t talk to Kyle “for a long time.”


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Kathy watched that scene with her daughter, Paris Hilton. “That to me, Paris [Hilton] and I watched that,” she stated. “We broke down, you know, when you cry and you’re shaking and your lip starts to quiver and my mommy’s not there and there’s no one it’s like — I felt helpless and alone,” Kathy remarked. “Paris was crying too.”

That must have been a heartbreaking moment for Kathy. She continued, “Plus I’m very ADD. I’m sure you can see that. I’m very quick and very … I can’t really, I don’t watch,” Kathy explained. “And if I did watch that first season, I would only zip quickly to see Kim and Kyle,” she commented. “I can’t sit there and watch, it could be the best show in the world.”

Kathy is delightful, and I am crossing my fingers that we see more of “Hunky Dory” next season.


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