Married At First Sight Recap: Sand, Sun, and Spouses

Things are finally getting interesting on Married At First Sight. This is one of my favorite parts of the show. The honeymoons really set up our expectations for the rest of the season.  Now that the weddings are over and the couples get a chance to learn more about their spouse. Things are always exciting when the families and friends come into play. Some give a little too much information, while others make their overbearing nature known. There were so many important tidbits that we learned during this episode. I am excited to see how all of these relationships progress. I already have some theories of my own.

Four stranger spouses, who have never met, spend their first night together. They share stories, secrets, and more in bed. Each has a turn on the hot seat to be bombarded with personal questions from their spouse’s friends and family. Things get a little tense for one couple. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Krysten and Mitch

On their first evening together, Mitch is nervous about things being awkward as he struggles to force feelings with Krysten. But as she takes her makeup off and becomes less camera-ready, his mind is put at ease. I don’t understand his obsession with her looks. It was her wedding day for goodness sake. Of course, she is going to be more glammed up because of it. The way he is acting you would think she had Farrah Abraham’s makeup artist. The next morning, the couples chat over breakfast where Krysten learns Mitch is a picky eater. Honestly what isn’t this man picky over? There are so many things that annoy him that he can’t even relax and go with the flow. How dreadful to be matched with a partner who is so in his head about everything.

Mitch then meets with Krysten’s mother and friends, telling them that he’s hoping to be the best version of himself for the marriage. Insert side eye here. Is someone going to tell him he has a lot more to do to reach that goal? Krysten’s people advise him to never lie to her because she has experienced that in past relationships. Meanwhile, Mitch’s family warns her that he can be prideful and too honest. But they don’t want that to deter her from sticking by his side when things get tough.


Lindy and Miguel

Miguel meets with Lindy’s family who tell him she can take things personally, but don’t want him to dwell on that. When the topic of sex comes up, things get a bit tense. Lindy’s brother and mother don’t believe they should consummate their relationship until they truly know each other for religious reasons. Lindy doesn’t get a reprieve from the drama because Miguel’s sister and friends have questions of their own.  They are particularly concerned about their incompatible astrological signs and Lindy’s student debt. Sigh! If you ask me, both families get a little too involved in topics that should be discussed with the newlyweds first. When Lindy speaks with Miguel later, she tries to ease his mind about her debt. He has been used in his past and doesn’t want to repeat those mistakes. I don’t think Lindy is expecting him to take care of her debt.


Stacia and Nate

Nate raises a bit of a red flag when he calls a side of the bed for himself before even settling into the newlywed suite with Stacia, who is already anxious. Later, they have an in-depth conversation about the importance of communication. He notes that he has a tendency to shut down when things get hard.

Stacia sits down with Nate’s father and friend.  She admits that her workaholic lifestyle could become an issue down the line. Stacia’s mom and friends ask Nate about where he stands on consummating the marriage. He says he’s willing to wait until the time is right for both him and his new bride. Things take an emotional turn when they ask about his past.  He tears up over his family dynamic, which didn’t really include his mom. I love that when he and Stacia discuss their afternoon, Nate readily admits that he got emotional. Stacia also appreciates that he was comfortable to be open.

It obvious Stacia and Nate are attracted to one another. Their chemistry is undeniable. Nate admits he hopes to consummate their marriage on the honeymoon. This leads to a steamy shower moment with his bride. Be careful Stacia, don’t move too fast. I hope they truly get to know one another before going to the next phase of their relationship. We have seen how rushing into a sex can cause issues later.

Alexis and Justin

Justin’s family and friends tell Alexis to treat him kindly because he can be a very sensitive person. He admits to Alexis’ family that he cries when he gets angry. He isn’t the type to totally lose his cool like others, but he does become emotional. As much as this couple gets along, I think this could become a problem in the future. Alexis is strong and independent and having to manage someone else’s emotions may become draining. Arguments and disagreements are inevitable, but I guess we are going to have to see exactly how this plays out.

When the couples meet up during their honeymoon, Alexis and Justin admit they matched on Hinge prior to getting married. They joke that they could have been happily married independent of the show earlier. Honestly, I don’t think Alexis would have given Justin a chance without this experiment. He doesn’t seem to be her usual type, but his personality and the way treats her is what has sold her on him.


Morgan and Binh


Binh is finally Covid free, so he and Morgan can finally proceed with their wedding. He feels so guilty, he’s willing to treat his bride to a second honeymoon of her choosing for being the reason their wedding is delayed. A nervous Morgan prepares to walk down the aisle alone, since she is not on good terms with her father. While waiting on the ceremony to begin, Morgan receives a book by Pastor Calvin Roberson and her engagement ring. There is a note with his promise to take her on a second honeymoon, which she finds sweet. Binh talks to his mother and hopes she’ll like his bride because her approval is important. When the wedding finally commences, Binh and Morgan greet each other with a hug and smiles as they exchange vows and rings, ending with a kiss. Following their walk down the aisle together, Morgan and Binh get to know each other a little better. Is this a match made in heaven? We will continue to watch to see how this relationship progresses.




[Photo Credit: Lifetime]