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Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Docking On Eggshells

Now that the secret’s out about the relationship between Natasha Webb and Chef Dave White, this season of Below Deck Mediterranean is now stuck in a sort of awkward limbo. Because the audience has been clued into the drama surfacing in the forward cabin. Due to confessionals and scenes only we see behind closed doors. But the rest of the crew — including Captain Sandy Yawn — still has no idea what’s going on. However, thankfully this week’s episode isn’t all about the already toxic, secret boatmance. If anything, it takes a back seat this week to the actual, professional drama happening amongst the deck crew.

Love on the Rocks

below deck med recap season 7 episode 4 natasha webb chief stew chef dave white secret relationship boatmance

So let’s just get all things Dave and Natasha out of the way first, shall we? These two simply can’t keep things on a steady keel, can they? One minute she’s all but completely ignoring him in the galley. The next she’s accusing him of being weird and making him even more paranoid in their room. The guilt over cheating on her off-screen ex with the chef is eating the chief stew up inside. So she’s desperate to control the narrative about their relationship and how it’s received by all their new co-workers. Except, sorry Natasha, the narrative is already out of your hands because you’re admitting everything in your confessionals…That’s how reality TV works, darling.

On the last night of the charter, Dave admits via confessional that on their previous boat, Natasha was the one saying she would leave her boyfriend for him. Now, it’s an entirely different story. And, again, it’s all on the chief stew’s terms. Dave can’t even say the words out loud that are stuck in his head. Because cameras are around. After knocking out an incredible-looking Moroccan dinner, the poor chef is left to spiral in their shared bunk. And of course, that’s when Natasha finally approaches him to talk. But only in paranoid whispers. She cares more about “getting caught” than what her demands are doing to Dave. Natasha doesn’t even comfort him when he admits he constantly feels like crying. But she’s more than happy to let him tuck her in.

A Storm’s A’Scudding

below deck med recap season 7 episode 4 natalya scudder second stew flirt storm smith boatmance

Meanwhile, there happens to be another flirtation simmering within the crew. One that I’ve actually failed to mention yet, as its been overshadowed by all the other storylines. But sparks are clearly flying between Natalya Scudder and Storm Smith. And they have been for a while now. That is, when the second stew’s not plotting to marry a rich old man and push him down the stairs after convincing him to sign over his yacht. She’s more prone to happily accepting cute, flirty visits from the mustachioed deckhand down in the laundry. He’s already cheekily referring to her as his “wife” on board. There may not be much to report yet, but keep an eye on this pair…

“…You Hit It”

below deck med recap season 7 episode 4 captain sandy yawn driving boat docking

Partway through the second charter, looming bad weather forces Captain Sandy to make an executive decision. The boat has to return to the dock. At least the guests got to go swim in the Crystal Lagoon first? Of course, this type of situation is never ideal for any charter. Because now the interior will be responsible for keeping the demanding, disappointed guests entertained while they’re, you know, two feet from shore. But first, M/Y Home has to reach the marina. And that doesn’t exactly go according to plan.

The first docking went rather smoothly. But the first red flag starts waving when Raygan Tyler decides to take a lunch break… While the rest of the deck crew is getting the boat ready to dock. Ragyan. Sweetie. The boat is literally en route to the marina. It’s not the time to eat! Proper jammy donuts are not the priority. Storm decides to take charge when no one can find the bosun. And honestly, thank goodness someone did. Because once Raygan’s in charge again, disaster strikes.

The bosun brags in her confessional that she’s great at docking. It comes so naturally to her! She’s a captain! Well, apparently one thing Raygan is decidedly not good at is calling distances. Because when she says one of the concrete dolphins is three meters away, it’s actually one meter. And when she says it’s one meter away, oh look! The boat’s going to hit the dolphin. Even Jason Gaskell can see that the bosun’s depth perception is way off. Captain Sandy‘s always made a big deal of the fact that she’s never hit anything in her career. And, well, now she can’t exactly say that. And it’s all Raygan’s fault.

On the Chopping Block?

below deck med recap season 7 episode 4 raygan tyler bosun jason gaskell deckhand

Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be any damage to the motoryacht. But that’s really beside the point, at least to Captain Sandy. Raygan has been struggling in her role as bosun since the very beginning. And running the boat into a dolphin may have just sealed her fate. But the captain has to wait at least until the charter’s over to do anything about it. To make matters worse, the rest of the docking Raygan claims to be so adept at doesn’t go much better. Lines end up in the water. The deck crew’s timing is all off. And Sandy has to put the pressure on for them to, you know, actually dock the freaking boat. An embarrassing showing to be sure. In Mzi Dempers‘ words, it’s “a bit of a s–tshow.”

By the time the guests are off the boat on a tender ride, Captain Sandy‘s already looking for a new bosun. But the yacht staffer only has bad news: no replacement bosuns are available. The only option is another deckhand. The next day, she calls Storm to the wheelhouse to compliment him on how he handled the docking despite others’ failures. The charter ends on a decent note. And the crew even gets a tip of $19,000. But after the celebratory toast, Sandy calls Raygan to the bridge. And the bosun’s chances of survival don’t seem great. But, of course, before we can find out her fate, the screen cuts to black and we get another “To Be Continued…”

One Last Thing…

below deck med recap season 7 episode 4 primary charter guest emily noah 22-year-old

I’m sorry. But was the primary — a 32-year-old real estate heiress — sleeping with that barely legal, Corona-obsessed frat boy? The one who bragged in his preference sheet about flying private helicopters everywhere? I genuinely need to know. I have so many questions.


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