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Kandi Burruss Fears That Sheree Whitfield’s New Man Is Using Her For Publicity

The dating world is hard. Much more so if you’re a reality TV star. Your whole life is out there for public display and that includes relationships. If you’re not willing to put it out there, you likely won’t have a job. And if you do put it out there and things don’t work out, you risk possible humiliation. If you’re thinking of Sheree Whitfield, then you already know where I’m going.

After the embarrassing downfall of her relationship with Tyrone Gilliams played out on her Real Housewives of Atlanta return season, I think we were all rooting for her to find a good man. And we were hoping that happened when she revealed that she’s dating Martell Holt. Who just so happens to be a reality TV star himself, having starred on OWN’s Love & Marriage: Huntsville since 2018.

But some of Sheree’s castmates aren’t so sure this is a good move for the She by Sheree designer. As reported by Page Six, Kandi Burruss recently gave her 2 cents on the new couple. She stated on Atlanta’s V-103 radio station, “I don’t want her to be in a situation where it feels like she’s being used for publicity.”

Kandi went on to spill some tea about one of her friends, who is also a reality star. She declined to name names but shared that her friend went on a date with Martell “earlier this year” at her Blaze restaurant. Kandi said of her friend, “[She] was like … ‘We’re gonna have some boy taking our pictures and video so they can post it.'”

The longtime RHOA star continued, “But no blog really posted. My whole point was now that I see this similar situation, I’m like is he doing this? Is he genuine or is he doing the same thing that he was doing to the other person?” Kandi deemed the whole situation “weird.”

I’m not sure if Sheree knows this information, but if she does, she likely doesn’t care. She recently revealed that she met Martell “through a mutual friend” and were “just hanging out.” Sheree added, “I’m enjoying life right now.”

The new couple has yet to become social media official, but Sheree and Martell might have had the same idea as Kandi’s friend. They were recently seen snapping selfie’s together at the beach.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Martell, he doesn’t exactly have the best reputation when it comes to his relationships. The divorced father of 4 had a long-term mistress during his nearly 13 year marriage. It played out on the show and his mistress even posted a video of them together as late as last month. Sheree and Martell allegedly began dating two months ago.

This seems to be the first love interest for Sheree since her breakup with Tyrone. After spending around 4 years together while he was in prison, Tyrone was released and promptly stood Sheree up on camera. She told Andy Cohen that she had “not heard from him” since the episode aired.


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