Married At First Sight Recap: – Everything Whale Be Okay

As the Married At First Sight couples settle into their honeymoons, they are definitely getting more comfortable with one another. Some are so comfy, they are already voicing ultimatums. Usually that comes a bit later in the season, but in these instances, I can understand why. While some have hit the ground running after their wedding ceremony, others want to move at snail’s pace. Things are already quite interesting and I am loving every minute of it.

In Puerto Vallarta, the newlyweds enjoy their honeymoon. They enjoy everything from paddle boarding, horseback riding and whale watching, etc.  One husband surprises his wife with the words “I love you.” But another spouse makes a much more unpleasant declaration. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Krysten and Mitch

Krysten and Mitch go paddle boarding for the activity despite it not being the best conditions, but they find a way to make the best of it. She likes his passion for the environment, but is a bit frustrated by how slowly their relationship is progressing. She just wants some sign that he is into her, namely physical affection.

Mitch calls his brother for some advice regarding not feeling a physical connection with Krysten.  His brother tries to reassure him that the attraction can grow over time if he trusts the process. At dinner, Mitch apologetically admits that he is struggling with physical attraction. Naturally, she is shocked, but appreciates his honesty. She wants to continue to work on improving things together. This is where things would end in my mind. How do you just act like everything is okay once someone tells you that? That would definitely make me shut down after that type of blindside.

The next day, Krysten acknowledges she’s willing to go slower as long as Mitch occasionally voices his attraction for her. But that is not without a cost. She poses an ultimatum, if they don’t have sex or there isn’t an “I love you” between them by Decision Day, she wants a divorce. Obviously, she isn’t going to wait forever for him to make up his mind. Well, at least she is remaining open, while protecting herself.


Lindy and Miguel

Miguel and Lindy unwind at a spa where they swim in the therapeutic pools. Soon the topic comes up about them consummating their relationship. Lindy isn’t sure that is the best move. Sex has to mean something to her and she doesn’t want to rush into it. But Miguel thinks that they should just get that milestone over with so they can move forward. Insert side eye here. I was a little surprised to hear his take on them having sex. I thought he would be a little more reassuring that he was willing to go at her pace.

Lindy and Miguel talk about their pasts at dinner. He opens up about growing up with divorced parents. Miguel shares his experience growing up with a mom who had schizophrenia and how that impacted him. Likewise, Lindy has her own childhood trauma. She talks about her parents’ messy divorce and how it played a role in her view of relationships. Hopefully, despite their pasts they can grow into a healthy and happy marriage.


Stacia and Nate


Things get a little steamy when Nate and Stacia enjoy breakfast in the hot tub. After that hot shower scene in the last episode, I’m sure no one is surprised. She even admits that she’s intrigued about where their physical relationship could go in the future. And of course, he is all too willing to explore that option as well. Later, Nate and Stacia have some fun in the sun when they go four-wheeling together. Things are going well until he seems distracted by his cell phone and doesn’t meet Stacia’s pace. When he does finally catch up, she is disappointed that it felt like they were doing the activity separately. She hopes this doesn’t become a reoccurring theme in their marriage.

At dinner, Stacia confronts Nate about filing for bankruptcy in the past. Just wait until she finds out he used to sell fake designer bags.  Although he explains his finances are no longer an issue, she sees it as a possible red flag. As a result, she asks him to agree to a postnup and doesn’t want to move forward in the marriage if won’t agree. He sees this as an opportunity to build trust with Stacia and ultimately agrees. But they realize they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye when it comes to kids. She is looking to have a child within a year, while he wants to wait two or three years from now.


Alexis and Justin

Alexis and Justin enjoy a horseback riding on the beach. They are still blissfully in their honeymoon phase as they kiss and hug.  She definitely is starting to fall hard for husband. But she is scared because it means that she could be hurt now that she is starting to let her guard down. Justin is just happy that they both share the same feelings for one another. Later at dinner, Alexis and Justin have a candid conversation about their feelings for one another. She is still scared to fully trust her heart to her husband. But Justin isn’t scared; he admits that he loves Alexis. Although she isn’t ready the sentiment yet, he’s claims he can see the love in her eyes. Whew! Things just went from cruise control to speeding. As much as I am enjoying seeing this relationship progress, I hope Justin doesn’t regret confessing his love. We have seen it before where one person does that, then the next day takes it back.


Morgan and Binh

After a delayed journey to the altar due to Covid, Binh and Morgan are finally married. As the wedding festivities begin, they meet each other’s families. Both sets of family have a vested interest in grandchildren. Binh and his parents are eager to grow their family. Morgan’s mom mentions that her daughter wasn’t sure she wanted to be a mom, but isn’t necessarily opposed to the idea. So far I like this couple. They obviously have had several hurdles before even getting to know one another. One can only hope as their relationship progresses they will continue to have that same perseverance.



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