Kandi Burruss Real Housewives Of Atlanta

Kandi Burrruss Is Selling “Worldwide” Merch After Real Housewives Drama

Everyone knows that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss typically keeps to herself when it comes to the drama on the show. She’s even said it multiple times: “Don’t start none, won’t be none.” I think she’s kept pretty true to that. Kandi always gives us a neutral stance, a shady confessional here and there, and always holds all the ladies accountable… even her bestie Kenya Moore.

It’s no surprise that if Kandi truly rocks with you, she will be straight up. That’s what friends do, right? If they do, someone must not have passed that news along to RHOA’s newest peach holder Marlo Hampton. We’ve been watching both Marlo and Shereé Whitfield make shady remarks and sometimes even super low comments about their co-star Kandi both on and off the show.

Even Marlo’s first season on the show as a “friend-of” we saw her come for Kandi asking her if she was a “Big Momma”. Meaning does she take care of men with her many, many coins? Of course, Kandi denied that rumor then and has continued to deny it throughout this current season of Atlanta Housewives. Clearly, the Grammy winner is not too happy about some of these comments because during a heated conversation while on their trip in Jamaica, Marlo, Kandi and even Todd Tucker go head to head after Marlo of course lit the flame.

“Your situation is weird that your mother comes before your man,” Marlo directed toward Kandi (while Todd was sitting right next to her). Uh-oh, Marlo. We all know once you mention Kandi’s mother, her man, or her kids in a negative light, the gloves come off. Some may see Marlo’s comment as below the belt and that may be true… maybe. But even Todd has shared about some of the struggles that he and Kandi have faced as a couple. Most of which typically revolve around Kandi’s busy schedule. I mean, the girl’s gotta work! Can you blame her?

As Marlo and Kandi continue their argument about motherhood and marriage, Marlo makes a bold comment stating that Kandi is only “known in Atlanta,” to which Kandi shouts, “Did she just say ‘I’m only know in Atlanta!?’ Bitch, I’m worldwide!”

Yeah, I’d have to agree with Kandi on this one. Kandi has Grammy’s, multiple hit records, and several jobs (yes, with an ‘s’). And Kandi is never one to miss a beat or a bag… which is why she took to her Instagram account to share that her new merch which reminds fans she’s worldwide is now available to purchase. Nice move, Kandi. Just another reminder of why you’ve said over and over again that you are a boss.


[Photo Credit: Bravo]