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Last night’s episode of Married At First Sight was eye opening to say the least. There is something about spending a vacation together that always brings out the worse or best in people. Clearly everyone is starting to feel a lot more comfortable with the process because people are revealing themselves or others left and right. This episode was full of bombs being dropped left and right. Just when you think you figured someone out, things quickly change.

Things get hot in Mexico as the honeymoons continue for the newlyweds.  One groom suddenly drops the L word.  Another groom can’t see past the eight-week mark. Someone is in the dog house when he betrays his wife’s trust by revealing her biggest secret to others. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Krysten and Mitch

Krysten shares with the other women her experience with her Mitch, so far. After he revealed he was struggling with his attraction for her, he tried to have sex with her later that night once the cameras were gone. He claims his attraction grew because of the way that she handled herself during that conversation. But thankfully, Krysten put a stop to that quickly and told him it wasn’t going to happen. Wow, that is a lot of nerve. Talk about mixed signals. How do you tell someone you don’t like them and try to have sex the same night? For some reason, she wants to remain positive even asking the other ladies to be team Mitch. I guess it’s great that she is remaining open, but that may be more than he deserves. Until I see a drastic difference in his negative behavior, I am only team Krysten.

Lindy and Miguel

Despite Lindy expressing concern about moving too fast sexually, she reveals to the other women that she and Miguel had sex. Miguel made it clear that he wanted to share a physical connection on the last episode, so she must have reconsidered. I just hope that she didn’t feel pressured and regret it later. But apparently, Miguel saw the moon and stars during their time together. Miss Lindy must have given her husband something to remember.

Stacia confronts Lindy about her decision to have sex with Miguel. She is worried that Lindy was pressured into sex by her husband. Lindy was very adamant that she wanted to wait, but all of a sudden changed her mind. Stacia gets emotional thinking about situations where she felt pressured to do what a man wanted to save the relationship. Lindy reassures her that she made the decision for herself and only wants support.

Miguel and Lindy have a tense conversation on the beach when he reveals that he is committed to the eight weeks, but can’t say what will happen afterwards. Naturally, Lindy worries that her husband may not be as serious about their marriage. When they share their conversation with the other couples, Lindy defends Miguel when a few of the women question his motives. Stacia and Alexis are so shocked they ask Lindy when her opinion changed, because she said she was disappointed earlier. Sigh! Poor Lindy wants to be married so badly, that she is willing to go along with whatever Miguel wants to not rock the boat. Insert side eye here.

Stacia and Nate

On a romantic picnic date, Stacia asks Nate would he be open to going to couple’s therapy. At first, he questions whether there would be a need to go before there is a serious problem. But when Stacia explains her rationale, he agrees to go to therapy. Later, when some of the ladies get together, Lindy drops a bombshell on Stacia. She reveals that her husband, Miguel questions whether Nate is being authentic. Stacia admits that she has questioned whether he was being genuine as well. She is still open, but feels that his true intentions will be revealed soon enough. I guess I am not the only one wondering if Nate was who he claims to be.  I just never thought one of the other participants would call it out.

Stacia questions Nate’s intentions; he quickly claims that he is falling in love with her. Although it’s clear that his wife is a great catch, there is something that makes me feel like he isn’t being honest. Luckily, she senses it as well and is moving slowly with him. In a post interview, Stacia expresses that she deserves love but it may not be easy. She intends to challenge her husband and find out if they are truly a match.


Alexis and Justin


Alexis reveals to the other women on the beach that she has had to adjust a lot to be with Justin. She isn’t accustomed to being with a sensitive man, so she has to go out of her way to be careful of his feelings. But at the same time, she loves the way he cares for her.  Later, Justin has the opportunity to play hero when the small boat they are sitting on flies over. He instantly jumps to protect his wife from getting hit. This of course wins him some brownie points. Later at dinner, Alexis lets it slip that she loves Justin. We all knew that was coming since they are getting along so well.  Justin has already admitted to being in love with his wife.

Morgan and Binh

Morgan is extremely attracted to her husband, Binh. She doesn’t hesitate to tell the cameras or anyone listening whenever she has a chance. This could bode well for him considering her friends basically said she was very sexual at their wedding reception. But things get a little tense, when Binh expresses concern about her student loan debt. He is all about financial freedom and feels their lifestyles don’t necessarily align. Although she tries to reassure him that her debt won’t affect him personally, he doesn’t seem convinced.

In a post interview, Binh admits that off camera Morgan admitted she didn’t finish her bachelors of nursing program. This leads him to believe she may have lied about being a nurse to the experts. Apparently, he told Justin to get some advice and now he believes he told his wife. Binh admits this to Morgan which makes her feel like she can’t trust him anymore. Honestly, can she really be upset when she was the one who initially lied? Didn’t they break each other’s trust? Something is a little fishy about this.

Later, Morgan expresses her disappointment with the girls about how Binh reacted to her financial situation. Of course, she conveniently leaves out the fact she was dishonest with her husband and the experts. Meanwhile, he expresses guilt to Justin about telling him something that may have not been his right to share. Justin feels like Binh was cheated out of his experience by being paired with someone who dishonest and selfish at times.  Binh isn’t quite ready to give up quite yet. He hopes to return home and continue to work on their relationship.

I guess when it rains it pours. As if they didn’t have enough problems, at a group dinner Morgan goes on a rant about how she hopes her husband is able to fend for himself after work. She doesn’t feel she will have the bandwidth to take care of another person when she needs to de-stress from work. She admits that she isn’t accustomed to sharing a space with someone else, so that will require a lot of compromise. Alexis calls her out and asks how her husband fits into this situation. Even Binh is taken aback about her some of the things that she is saying. Did she sign up for a roommate or a husband? It’s obvious that she wants companionship, but on her terms.



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