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Olivia Flowers Says People Told Her To Run From Dating Austen Kroll

Bravo fans are being subjected to their third season-long Austen Kroll relationship arc. I’m almost hoping for a TropHop update at this point.

In an interview with Page SixAusten’s latest damsel, Olivia Flowers, shared what it was like to admit she was in a situationship with him.  “After ‘Winter House’ and ‘Summer House,’ people were like, ‘oh, really?” she admitted, adding that they told her to “Run!”

“But it was all people that didn’t know him. No one in his close-knit group said anything like that to me,” Olivia rationalized. “It was more just the strangers watching the shows, like coming in and telling me to be careful, which I appreciate.”

One of Austen’s friends, Craig Conover, has been on the outs with him lately, though. After Austin dogged Ciara Miller on the latest season of Summer House, Craig shared how disappointing he found his friend. They even cut contact for a few months.

“I really took on the point that that was before me. It was prior to me. I know it’s kind of hard, because stuff doesn’t necessarily show in real time. So there was some overlap thing,” Olivia continued, seemingly referring to Ciara.

In the latest episode of Southern CharmCraig murmurs to Austen that his Summer House lover was in Charleston with Paige DeSorbo.

“I know that they had some unfinished business at that point,” Olivia teased. “It sounds like they had a conversation that needed to be had, and I think when that was reached it was still early on in the stage with Austen and I. … I didn’t feel like I had the grounds to be that upset by it.”

It’s not clear what the conversation between Ciara and Austen was about. We know a hook-up took place at some point in time. During the Summer House reunion Ciara admitted she had a meet up with Austen since filming, adding, “Never f—ing again.”

Olivia added that she “didn’t want to make any kind of judgment calls” based on his past actions that “didn’t have anything to do” with her. She maintains that she and Austen are in a really good place.


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