Craig Conover Stopped Talking To Austen Kroll For Months Because Of How He Treated Ciara Miller

What guilty television pleasures do the women of Summer House treat themselves to? Because it sure as Hell can’t be Bravo. The way Ciara Miller acted brand new about Austen Kroll’s fuck boy maneuvering. And before you think I’m defending Lindsay Hubbard’s role in this unsavory love triangle, guess again.

I happen to think both of these women got what they had coming to them, unfortunately. Austen’s lecherous love-bombing case-file was ready and waiting to be reviewed. And somehow in all of this, Craig Conover comes out looking the most pressed. Imagine having to act ignorant to the behavior of a guy you’ve been publicly wing-manning for years.

“I was just really disappointed,” Craig shared with Us Weekly. “I don’t watch the shows, just for my own sanity, but when I found out that [Austen] was kissing Linsay after kissing Ciara, I was just like, ‘Dude, that’s literally everything that Lindsay wanted to happen.’ He just crushed Ciara. … I was just really disappointed in him.”


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Craig alleges that, during a recent episode of Summer HouseLindsay only invited Austen to her birthday party to purposely upset Ciara. He makes his case based on the behavior he had seen during the filming for Winter House.

“What you didn’t see on Winter House was Lindsay was way worse. I mean, she lied about saying she was in love with Austen and she just went after Ciara and him every second she got,” Craig claimed. He added that Lindsay invited Austen to her Summer House party with the “goal” of trying to “win that battle with Ciara.”

Craig went on to say he “couldn’t believe” how Austen treated Ciara between the Winter House and Summer House filming. He and Austen spent time together in New York while Craig started up a relationship with his former Winter House co-star, Paige DeSorbo. Craig added that Austen’s treatment of Paige wore on his friendship as well.


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“[Austen] and Paige fight like siblings anyway,” Craig explained. “[But] whatever happened with them, obviously I wasn’t happy about either. We just needed a break. I think he needed to find himself.” Sounds cute.

Austen’s actually in a really great place now,” Craig said. He hints that the upcoming season of Southern Charm will show the two “resolving [their] situation.” He added, “Since last fall, [Austen] and Paige [and] Ciara [have] been working to better themselves. So I feel bad a little bit that he has to, like, replay [all] of this now eight months later.” Don’t, though.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]