Jen Shah Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Jen Shah Accuses Real Housewives Co-Star Of Calling Her Son The N-Word

Oh, wow! The Housewives over in Salt Lake City sure know how to keep the drama going. And this time — it’s hot, hot, hot.

Season 3 of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Salt Lake City should be announced fairly soon and with the many scandals that came during season 2 of the show, the third is sure to be a shocker. We know that OG Housewife Mary M. Cosby won’t be holding a snowflake this year due to her absence during the second season’s reunion taping. We’re also aware Jennie Nguyen won’t be present either after her problematic social media posts resurfaced toward the conclusion of her first and only season. And to think the SLC ladies couldn’t build off that? Think again.

The news of Jen Shah’s initial arrest broke the internet. I mean, really. To see NYPD just casually swoop in during the filming of a Real Housewives show stating, “We’re looking for Jen Shah” right after she fled the scene was insane. And to know that we’re getting more — I’ve gotta be real, I can’t wait to see this play out.

After watching the show for 2 years now, one of the things we know about Jen specifically is that she’s over-the-top, flat-out extra. I mean, she threw an $80,000 birthday party for her co-star Meredith Marks, she has had several assistants, and she’ll even throw a glass here and there. In addition to that, she’s unafraid to call you out if you cross her the wrong way.

E! News is reporting on the newest drama surrounding the Utah-based Housewives and this time… it’s getting messy. Earlier, Jen took to her Instagram story to post about a new game she invited her fans to participate in. Titled, “Let’s play… Who did that? #RHOSLC edition,” Jen then posted a series of statements regarding one (or more) of her co-stars and the allegations are damning.

“Donated to “Ted Cruz for President” campaign 4 times,” one of the statements reads. A second accusation reads, “Said there are “Different types of Black people” … for example, “Black people from Compton are different from Black people from Salt Lake City (Note… My husband is from Compton).”


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Oof. That last statement is tough to read. Especially because if true, not only is it wrong — it’s flat-out ignorant. Additionally, you’d think this cast especially would be more aware of their words considering the many racially insensitive storylines we had to watch unfold last year.


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Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of them. Jen had more to say and added that someone involved in  RHOSLC called her son the “N” word. Obviously, we all hope these aren’t true — but we’ll have to wait to see how the show airs out to really see for ourselves. In recent years, Bravo has been trying to create more of a safe space not only for their viewers that come from marginalized backgrounds but for their talent as well. The network has been swift in parting ways with those who are not committed to creating inclusive spaces for all. And as we watch this situation continue to unfold, I hope the accountability remains the same.


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