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Meredith Marks Addresses Her Reaction To Mary Cosby’s Impersonation Of Jennie Nguyen’s Accent And Mary’s Comments About Jennie’s Eyes; Mary Claps Back

Season 2 of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is surely giving us plenty to talk about, even outside of Jen Shah’s arrest and fraud allegations. Meredith Marks has no choice but to get involved, even though she’d rather be totally disengaged about the group drama. Lisa Barlow is giving us Real Housewives MVP energy yet again, like the baby gorgeous she is. Mary Cosby is one person we already know will be in the hot seat during the reunion.

Mary has been going at it with almost all of the ladies (and one “little girl” named Whitney Rose). Except for Meredith, who is extremely (and suspiciously) ride-or-die for Mother Mary. Amidst the cult allegations surrounding Mary’s church, Mer’s been busy defending Mary’s offensive actions. Yes, Mary is clearly on her own planet, out of touch with reality. But Meredith, of all people, has decided this is the person she needs to align with. Maybe Mary really did put a spell on her.

Mary’s also been guilty of making not one, but several racist remarks throughout this season. She referred to “Mexican thugs” when talking about Jen Shah’s alleged crimes, which was just cringy to watch. And, unfortunately, her main target has been newbie Jennie Nguyen. Jennie just wants to eat pho and have fun, but Mary can’t stop making snide racist remarks toward her and she has to stand up for herself. No wonder Jennie isn’t into being Mary’s friend. Not after the things she’s said to her all season.

Even during the most recent episode, Jennie confronted Mary for making remarks about her having “slanted eyes.” When Mary was gossiping to Meredith about Jennie, she also used an offensive accent to impersonate her castmate. What was even more unfortunate is that we didn’t see Meredith stand up to Mary for her actions. She chuckled a bit and shrugged it off, and it was in pretty poor taste.

After the latest RHOSLC episode aired, Miss Marks took to Twitter to defend her action, or lack thereof, in the Mary vs. Jennie situation. Meredith tweeted that it is “not OK to imitate someone’s accent” in reference to the scene.


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Fans, however, were quick to point out that Meredith chose to speak out on Twitter, rather than to Mary’s face. However, Meredith clapped back, saying that she did confront Mary, but it was cut from the episode. “You see clips of moments and not the full thing. I was clear that it was not ok with me. Ask Mary,” Meredith tweeted. The Ice Queen is not down with people accusing her of fraud, whether they’re RHOSLC fans or personal enemies like Jen Shah.

Meredith elaborated in another tweet about what she said to Mary at the moment that we didn’t see. “I said I would not say that. I was trying to articulate that the person/community affected by a prejudicial remark is the one who can determine whether it is offensive or not. If Jennie is offended, it is offensive, end of story and it is not up to me to determine that,” she wrote. Meredith, WHERE IS THIS ENERGY ON SCREEN? This girl runs from the cameras whenever there’s even a whiff of drama. Yet, she’s ready to blast people on Twitter? It’s not sitting right.

That wasn’t the end of Meredith’s moment on Twitter, though. She tweeted an apology for her ineffective communication and for unintentionally causing harm by her comments. She also continued to insist that she spoke to Mary about the offensive remarks. “I later talked to Mary one on one in hopes that would be productive. I also made sure Jennie knew that she has my support. Please be patient,” Meredith tweeted. Girl, are we all watching the same show?


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Once Mary got a whiff that her only friend was backing up her biggest enemy, she exploded in a tweet of her own (captured by @clubbravofam). “Really Meredith?? You had a conversation with me hoping it would be productive!! You was there … you seen I was coming from a place of a compliment. Stop acting like your teaching me. You have your own issues to be productive on… You never have the right answer.. ‘Switzerland,” Mary wrote. I don’t know how she does it, but Mary is a master at conveying her chaotic energy on social media. After this season, it seems like Mary might be at risk for getting the boot. The things that have come out of her mouth this season have left me speechless, not always in a good way. We know Lala Kent is looking for a way to snatch herself a snowflake.


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