Heather Gay Calls Out Mary Cosby For “Horrible Slurs” And “Degrading” Comments; Mary Says “I Don’t Remember Saying That”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast trip to Zion will go down in Housewives history for the furious feuding and sisterly bonding happening all at the same time. Mary Cosby has been clinging to her new bestie, Meredith Marks, while firing shots at the rest of her RHOSLC co-stars.

Mary made several racially insensitive comments this season. She likened Jen Shah to a “Mexican thug” who “[makes] all those drugs.” She also commented on Jennie Nguyen’s “slanted eyes.”

Mary was accused of running her church like a cult. Mary, who felt like God called her to join RHOSLC, denied the claims. Mary also referred to co-star Heather Gay as “chubby.” Body-shaming is never acceptable, people.

During the Cinco de Mayo dinner in Zion, all hell broke loose. Mary reminded Heather that the trip was a gift from the husbands, and that she doesn’t have one. Heather responded by remarking that Mary married her step-grandfather. Damn!

According to RealityBlurb!, Heather bashed Mary for her “degrading” comments and “horrible slurs” during the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City After Show. “Mary has lobbied that at me a lot. She says, ‘You look like a man, that’s why you don’t have a man.’ And ‘You don’t even have a husband, why are you even here? This is a Housewives show and you can’t be a wife without a man,’” Heather explained. “And I’m like, ‘Well you *** your step-granddaddy. So, I’m not quite sure how that all works out… but she feels fine lobbying those horrible slurs at me,” Heather said.

When the comment was mentioned to Mary, she was struck by a case of amnesia. “I don’t remember saying that,” she said. Shocking.


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Mary explained that she only mentioned Heather’s marital status because Heather said that Jennie’s husband had paid for the trip. Mary was trying to “enlighten Heather on her words.” Mary continued, “I was like, ‘Oh, so you don’t have one, so that means you don’t deserve to be here?’” Mary insisted that her words “had to be provoked from somewhere.”

Meanwhile, Jen chimed in on Mary’s comments. “That’s messed up. Heather is sensitive to the fact that she’s gone through a divorce, and she knows very well that she’s the only one in the group that doesn’t have a husband… It was just a mean thing to say,” Jen remarked.

“The fact that I’m here without a husband is credit to me. The fact that I show up at all of these events alone is credit to me,” Heather said. “The fact that I fight all of these battles without going home to someone who wants to listen to me, support me, pay my goddamn bills, that is a credit to me, and if you want to weaponize that and use it against me, you are not just degrading me.”

She added, “You are degrading every single woman and single mother out there that is doing everything they can for their kids and that I won’t stand for.” Good for you, Heather!


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Heather said that she won’t speak to Mary “until she apologizes.” Mary is still pissed about Heather commenting on her marriage. “That doesn’t bother me. It’s my life. We’ve been married 24 years,” Mary said. In a message directed at Heather, Mary commented, “At least I landed someone. We’re probably the same age and you’re still looking for a husband.” Yikes!

“When she can tell me what [I] did to [her], maybe I’ll listen to Heather. Other than that, put her on mute,” Mary added. Mary somehow doesn’t understand the way that she treats people. “I don’t treat people in a disrespectful way because I don’t want to be disrespected,” Mary stated. Are we watching the same show, Mary?

“Why don’t she take that same energy and put it towards Jen when Jen calls her these names,” Mary remarked. “I mean, she’s calling her manatee, she’s calling her Shrek.” Jen did allegedly say those things about Heather and the screenshot was shared by realityvontease2. But Heather put that in her rear view.

There will be a lot of unanswered questions since Mary decided to skip out on the reunion. A source alleged that Mary “was terrified of getting grilled about her ‘racist’ comments made toward Jennie [Nguyen] and Jen [Shah]. She also did not want to discuss the accusations that she runs a cult.”


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