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Audrina Patridge Says That Leonardo DiCaprio Asked For Her Number

The stars of MTV’s hit The Hills were given another chance to monopolize our TV screens when The Hills: New Beginnings was announced. The series launched in 2019, with one major cast member missing. Lauren Conrad, having exited The Hills during its run, didn’t return.

Her absence made the experience much sweeter for Audrina Patridge and Heidi Montag. The series was canceled after only two seasons. Audrina slammed Lauren as “very controlling” in her new memoir, Choices: To the Hills and Back Again.

According to The Daily Mail, Audrina also dished about her love life in her book, and the celebrities that she met. She shared that she met Leonardo DiCaprio at a Las Vegas club. Audrina wrote that a bouncer approached her several times, saying that Leonardo wanted her to come to his table so he could buy her a drink.

“I looked over at his table, and he was just surrounded by supermodels. It was intimidating!’” When Audrina didn’t go over, the Titanic actor came over to her. Playing hard to get. I like it, Audrina!

The duo chatted for a while. “He asked for my phone number, and we texted a little after the trip to Vegas, but we never actually hung out.” Due to Leonardo’s love of privacy, and their hectic schedules, “It just felt too tough to make anything work,” she said. Apparently, Leonardo was a fan of The Hills, because he spent some time with Audrina’s co-star, Whitney Port, in 2009.

Audrina also met Gossip Girl actor Chace Crawford. Audrina explained, “I ran into him in Malibu at a friend’s house, and what can I say, sparks were flying. We ended up staying there with our friend at this gorgeous mansion right on the beach for a long weekend, and we were just inseparable,” she added. “I genuinely liked him after these incredible few days together, and I had the feeling it was mutual,” Audrina wrote.

Audrina had been on and off with BMX rider Corey Bohan. When she returned home, Corey was waiting.

“A big part of me wishes I’d told Corey to kick rocks and just gone out with Chace. He’s such a gentleman and so normal and kind,” Audrina said. “It would have been fun if only I hadn’t let Corey back in and screwed up our chance.”

Back in 2009, Audrina also dated actor Chris Pine. He slipped her his phone number at an awards show. But their lifestyles were not compatible.

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“He didn’t like going out and being followed by the paparazzi — he was an introvert, and very focused on his acting,” Audrina stated. “I loved to go out, and of course, I was usually filming The Hills, so our lifestyles were complete opposites in that sense.”

The model continued, “We talked and stayed in touch a little after we stopped seeing each other. I have nothing but fond memories of Chris.” She added, “He was truly one of the most normal people I’ve ever met in LA — and I mean that as the highest compliment.”

The Daily Mail reported that Corey and Audrina share one daughter, Kirra. They were married in 2016. But in 2017, Audrina filed for divorce and requested a restraining order. The couple’s divorce was finalized in 2018.


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