Carl Radke

Mackenzie Dipman Was Shocked To Learn Carl Radke And Lindsay Hubbard Are Together

Carl Radke’s 2021 iteration of a Summer House relationship involved Love Island’s Mackenzie Dipman. Fans didn’t get to Makenzie very often, largely because she was all the way across the country. Carl touted the relationship as “semi-serious”, though he ended the summer with Lindsay Hubbard on his arm.

In an interview with Page Six, Mackenzie expressed that her short-lived relationship with Carl gave her “new perspective” on love. So much so that she didnt’ date for a year following their split. Moreover, the blossoming reality star expressed she was surprised to learn about Carl falling for Lindsay once again.

“I don’t get a single message like, ‘Hey, hope you’re doing OK,’ I think it says a lot about his feelings towards me and how genuine it may have been on his end. But I will say it was an amazing time while I was in it — even if the months following were very confusing for me,” Mackenzie explained.

“I never, ever, ever saw anything romantic on his end towards [Lindsay]. I was truly shocked [they got back together],” she continued.

Mackenzie insisted that Carl showed absolutely no interest in Lindsay during their Summer together. “The way he had looked at her when we were together was not the way that I would want to be looked at,” she explained. “It was the most platonic look of all time. It was not romantic. But you know what? They seem incredibly happy and good on them.”

Depsite wishing Carl and Linds nothing but the best, Mackenzie admitted that her quick split from Carl left her totally blindsided. She alleges that Carl used focusing on his sobriety as a single man as the reason for the break up, but that he got back with Lindsay quickly after.

“The answer that I was given, I don’t know that it was honest because of the fact he quickly was in a relationship with Lindsay after,” Mack recounted. “He used that as a reason to end things right after I booked a plane ticket to go see him for [the] prom [party on Summer House]. So, I got asked to prom and then I got broken up with over the phone very spontaneously with very little explanation,” she shared. “Then I find out a few weeks later that he’s dating Lindsay, who we had spent a lot of time with.” Ouch.

Mackenzie did “a lot of soul searching” after she and Carl went their separate ways. “I do feel like I am very ready for when I do find love again,” she boasted, adding that she “found herself” during the filming of Love Island Season 4.


[Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo]