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Summer House Recap: Prom Queens And Drama Kings

Kyle Cooke has officially reached his breaking point. Last we saw, he was pushing past Danielle Olivera as he stormed away from the table on last week’s Summer House. And now he’s having something akin to an emotional breakdown. The grown-up frat boy has been the number one guy in this group since the very beginning. And that’s even demonstrated in his problems taking precedence over the minutiae of his roommates’ lives. Not to say that his concerns aren’t valid. I’d probably be losing it too if I was four million dollars in debt. The florist backing out of his wedding was clearly just the straw that broke the camel’s back here.

But while Danielle, Carl Radke and Lindsay Hubbard are trying to get Kyle calmed down, Amanda Batula is more concerned about how her fiancé’s action reflect back on her. Meanwhile Andrea Denver is back at the table making himself miserable over the girl he’s apparently lost. It’s the last weekend of the summer and everyone’s miserable. Happy Labor Day Weekend? I say Ciara Miller and Mya Allen made the right call by going out rather than coming back home with everyone else to rehash the night’s drama.

summer house recap season 6 episode 14 amanda batula

The next morning, the whole house is still on edge. Not even one of Mya‘s home-cooked breakfasts (with coffee courtesy of Alex Wach) can salvage the mood. Amanda starts lecturing Kyle before they’re even out of bed. And let’s just say, it’s not what Kyle needs to hear first thing in the morning. While Amanda commiserates with her friends about Kyle’s inability to take criticism, the Loverboy founder finds a more sympathetic ear in Andrea. But let’s put a pin in the drama for a moment and go to the beach!

Prom-posals are the biggest topic of conversation from the moment the roommates hit the sand. Mya sweetly asked her not-quite-boyfriend Oliver using her cookie company, The Knead. And he, of course, said yes. Meanwhile, Lindsay‘s going with Carl after burning through roughly every single man in the Hamptons with a pulse over the course of her Hot Hubbs Summer. And magically, Carl manages to get through to Kyle in a way Amanda couldn’t earlier, thanks to his much lighter touch. After their chat, Kyle apologizes to Amanda for causing a scene at dinner the night before. And there’s even a surprise whale sighting on the beach, which is hopefully a sign of better things to come for the rest of the weekend.

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The next morning, it’s time for prom! And there’s plenty for the prom committee to do. While Luke Gulbranson rides off on his motorcycle to pick up his date, Lindsay decides to pen Carl a little love note of sorts. Now, the dynamic between these two has been subtly shifting over the past few weeks. And they’re officially blurring the line between best friends and flirting. We all know how this turns out, but it doesn’t make me any more enthused to watch it happen. I’ll just say this. I don’t think it’s the best thing for Carl after all the work and serious self-improvement he’s done. But he’s already writing notes back to Lindsay, so the train has definitely left the proverbial station…again. (The less said about the finger bang of Season 4, the better, yes? Unless you’re Robert Sieber. Then it’s hilarious.)

The entire Good Vibe Tribe don their prom best. If you’re Alex, that means ripping the sleeves off your white shirt before asking Ciara to be your last-minute date. If you’re Paige DeSorbo, it means rocking a tiara with a menswear-inspired look. And for some of the other girls, it means dusting off their actual prom dresses from high school. Like Lindsay, who apparently saved up $400 to buy a knock-off of Halle Berry’s famous dress from the 2002 Oscars. All the roommates line up on the stairs to take the requisite prom photo. But just as they get ready to snap the picture, there’s a knock at the door. It’s Craig Conover, who came all the way to the Hamptons just to surprise Paige. I guess that means Andrea is now in a throuple for the first prom of his life…

summer house recap season 6 episode 14 kyle cooke prom prenup

Guests start arriving and the party turns into a full-blown Hamptons prom fantasy. Now that Craig‘s in the house, Paige makes an all-important costume change into a Cinderella blue gown and promptly waltzes back down to the party like she’s the actual prom queen. And the loaded, flirtatious banter between Carl and Lindsay gets turned up a notch. There’s talk of slow dancing and reminiscing about the six summers they’ve spent together in the Hampton. And Mya‘s date Oliver finally shows up wearing…a white henley and shorts. But hey, Mya’s just happy he’s here. And we all want Mya to be happy.

Meanwhile, things quickly turn less happy inside the house when Kyle broaches the subject with Amanda one more time about a pre-nup. Is this really the best time to talk about this? Amanda doesn’t see any point in signing anything without a legitimate reason. And so far, she thinks Kyle has yet to give her one. As Paige and Ciara hilariously eavesdrop outside the door, the argument escalates. The prospect of separation and divorce are inherent in this kind of conversation, and Kyle eventually storms out of the room, ending the episode just as angry as he started it…


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