Sheree Whitfield

Shereé Whitfield Slammed By Fans For She By Shereé Website Crash

Listen, this She by Shereé [Whitfield] launch has been nothing short of a disaster. Not to mention that we’ve waited 14 years to finally see SOMETHING and fans are heated that the only thing that came about from this launch are two overpriced products — a hoodie, and an athletic set that looks very similar to one sold on by other online retailers.

On the finale episode of this season’s Real Housewives of Atlanta, Shereé finally hosted a fashion show (with fashions)… and from what we saw, the pieces that were featured were really nice. At the end of the show, producers edited in a countdown that finally led viewers to the long-awaited She by Shereé website announcing that the line was finally available for purchase. However, when fans went to browse the site, it “crashed”. Now… did it really crash or was anything ever there? Because I watched the show live and when I went to the “shop” section of the site… nothing was there *in my NeNe Leakes voice*.

In response to the website crash, Shereé posted, “We are working quickly to get this resolved. We wish to serve you soon. Thank you for your interest. Thank you to the customers whom we were able to serve so far tonight.”

Some fans were able to access the “shop” loading page of the website and the Housewives fandom is slamming Shereé for her designs being a near copy of another set sold Shein. Now I’m not saying the design was actually stolen, but they do look very, very similar. One fan tweeted, “Gurl! How dreadful! We were rooting for you. Smh.”.


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We really were rooting for you Shereé. Especially me. To add a little perspective, since the initial mentioning of She by Shereé I have graduated high school, graduated with my bachelor’s degree, graduated with my master’s, started working full-time, and have also considered starting a doctoral program. At this point, I’m over it because there’s no reason we the fans should not have a physical product in hand. Or at least be able to shop around on the site. I’m not hating, I’m being real. It’s looking a little bit shady.

Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore — can y’all teach your girl a few tricks? Please.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]