Selling the OC Alex Hall

Selling The OC Star Alex Hall Claps Back After Kayla Cardona Says Tyler Stanaland’s Wife Brittany Snow Should “Worry” About Other Women In Cast

Selling The OC’s Kayla Cardona and Alex Hall have been taking shots at each other since the season first aired — and today is no different.

Alex Hall has been very vocal both on the show and off regarding Kayla trying to kiss co-star Tyler Stanaland during a night on the town. Tyler, a married man, responded on the show asserting that the two would have to create clearer boundaries and expectations moving forward out of respect for not only himself but his wife — Brittany Snow.

Although Brittany does not appear on the show, Kayla is certain the two are in an okay place. “Me and Tyler squashed it so long ago and I’m not the one that [Brittany] should be worrying about. I think it’s very clear on who she should be worried about,” she told Us Weekly. While on the show, we see Kayla apologize to Tyler for her behavior — promising that it wouldn’t happen again. Since then, she’s had a lot to say about a few of her cast mates as well.

“[It’s] very inappropriate. I mean, very hypocritical … I think it’s pretty obvious I never even touched the guy … let alone sit on his lap, suck on his nose or get naked (referring to Polly Brindle’s skinny-dipping moment on the beach). Like, I better see a direct deposit before you get all this. … They’re giving that out like free candy. Like no, thank you. Sorry,” Kayla said.

Well, Alex got wind of this statement and she’s firing back… again. She tells E! News, “The only thing that Kayla could do at this point to surprise me is if she got a reality check. I can also assure you that Brittany is not ‘worried’ about me.” She goes on to share that she’s spoken to the actress recently at Tyler’s birthday party and insists the two are in a good place. “We chatted for a while, however it did not revolve around my friendship with Tyer because, quite frankly, there’s no conversation to be had there.”

The beef between Kayla and Alex doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon and unfortunately for us, cameras for season 2 haven’t started rolling yet. However, that doesn’t mean the two will be besties by the time the second season airs on Netflix. And by the look of things, we may be in for a very entertaining feud in the coming weeks.


[Photo Credit: Araya Doheny/Getty Images for Netflix]