Married At First Sight Recap: – Moody Monthiversaries

Whew! This week’s episode of Married At First Sight was drama with a capital D. Given the couples were celebrating their one month anniversaries; one would think it would be rainbows and sunshine. But, clearly that was not the case in many situations. Instead of being in a honeymoon phase, many have used this time for reflection on how their marriage has gone thus far. Things get heated when things come to a head and one half of the couple is forced to speak up.

As they celebrate their one-month anniversaries, the couples reflect on their progress and set their sights on the road to Decision Day.  While some seek to recapture the magic they’ve lost, others struggle to foster trust. During a group dinner, there are several explosive revelations by several people that leave many shocked. Let’s get straight to the recap.

Morgan and Binh

Last week’s episode ended with Binh and Morgan having an explosive argument and things are still very tense. After Alexis took it upon herself to share things Binh supposedly divulged in confidence to Justin, Morgan’s trust has been completely shattered. She speaks with her mother seeking advice on the situation. Apparently, Morgan revealed Alexis told her “everything” then stormed out of their apartment. Confused, Binh goes to Alexis and Justin’s apartment for answers. This leads to Alexis calling Morgan, who is furious that he went to her asking for information. Umm…what the heck did she expect? Of course he went to the source when you refused to expound on the issue and left. I don’t know what he said to Justin, but I don’t think it was Alexis’ place to get involved. She has her own marital problems to deal with.

Morgan and Binh are supposed to meet at their wedding venue to celebrate their anniversary, but instead she shows up to berate him. She even throws the roses he brought for her to the ground. Morgan then demands he explain why he was talking to Justin about her. Is anyone else sick of Morgan? What exactly is she trying to hide? She vents to the women & they keep her thoughts private. Why can’t her husband have the same luxury? This is extremely hypocritical, in my opinion. After speaking to production, Morgan agrees to speak to Binh further and gaslights him into feeling bad for confiding in another person. This woman is a bully. Just last week, he opened up about never feeling enough. The way she has handled this situation is disgusting. Binh returns home devastated to grab some things to leave the apartment.

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy and Miguel look back at pictures from their wedding day for their one month anniversary. Although they are laughing, Miguel shares in a post interview he felt like she was a little negative during the experience. I wonder was there more that we didn’t see because I didn’t feel that way during their interaction. Later, when Miguel is asked about his relationship by the other couples he says things are going really well. Sometimes I feel like he is sending mixed signals. One minute he is alarmed by something about his wife and the next he says things are good. Lindy may not want to get too comfortable just yet.


Stacia and Nate

Stacia meets with her mother and is upset that Nate hasn’t said he loves her. Insert eye roll emoji. Girl… it’s been a month, calm down. Her mother advises her to have patience and a little trust until he actually gives her a reason not to do so. Sigh! As much as I am not a fan of Nate, I could see how he could be ready to shut down, if she doesn’t allow things to happen organically. She has to realize she has had some small wins. Nate has agreed to go to therapy and attempted to open up. He isn’t going to change overnight.

Nate and Stacia go sign the post nuptial agreement at the lawyer’s office. He thinks this will be a step in his wife trusting his intentions. Later, during a date, Nate confronts Stacia on how her distrust has made her feel. Now Nate, let’s keep it real, you moving into her newly built from the ground house is a come up for you. I know he sees that as a big step, but I can see why Stacia would doubt how that shows vulnerability. But he does tell his wife he is beginning to fall in love. I don’t know if I believe that. I guess we have to wait & see how things unfold.

For some reason Stacia and Nate thought it would be a good idea to get matching tattoos. Sigh! How do you go from not trusting a person to getting a tattoo? I think Stacia may have jumped gun a bit too soon. The jury is still out on this relationship and that ink may be a painful reminder later.


Alexis and Justin

Justin meets with his brother to update him on married life. He is starting to second guess the way he communicates based on his wife’s feedback. Meanwhile, Alexis meets with her friend to express her frustrations. She feels extremely drained by what she calls Justin’s emotional outbursts. But I think she is forgetting she is nagging this man to death until he reacts at times.

During a group dinner, Alexis refuses to share anything on her marriage despite everyone else doing so. When Justin gets offended she tells him & everyone that he lacks the ability to self-regulate. She also begins crying saying that she is hurt. Insert side eye here. I’m sorry, but I am just as confused as Justin. The way she is communicating the issue is confusing. The cameras overhear her saying she feels she has to continuously coddle Justin when she goes to the bathroom. I can understand that statement a little more because he is so sensitive. Maybe she needs to be a little more direct.


Krysten and Mitch

Krysten is feeling very conflicted in her marriage to Mitch. On one hand, they have a lot of fun, and the other she doesn’t feel fully accepted. Later, they relive memories of their wedding day on a romantic weekend getaway for their one month anniversary.

During a group dinner, Krysten finally tells Mitch exactly how she feels. She feels things have been going well in their marriage because she has been so considerate of his feelings, rather than her own. She is tired of making all the effort for someone who hasn’t proven to be as accommodating. I knew it was only a matter of time before things came to a head. Mitch encourages her to be her true self and promises not to shut down. I’m not sure that I am buying that. I think if she really starts telling the truth about his actions, their relationship may change.




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