Cheryl Burke Would “Love Tom Bergeron” To Return To Dancing With The Stars; Says That Doesn’t Mean “I Don’t Want Tyra Banks There”

Dancing With the Stars fans were upset when the show decided to fire longtime host Tom Bergeron after Season 28 wrapped. Tom has been with the show since its first episode.

In October of 2021, Tom discussed being let go by DWTS on the late Bob Saget’s Here For You podcast. “In all candor, the show that I left was not the show that I loved,” Tom explained. “It was kind of obvious that we were kind of butting heads [behind-the-scenes].”

Tyra Banks took over as host, and many viewers weren’t happy with her dramatic costume changes and hosting style. Former DWTS host Brooke Burke slammed Tyra as “a diva.”

Now Tyra will have some company in the ballroom. Mirror ball champ Alfonso Ribeiro is co-hosting with the America’s Next Top Model alum for Season 31. I think Alfonso will help to reign Tyra in and make the show more balanced.

Tom was enthusiastic about Alfonso joining DWTS and congratulated him on Instagram. He posted two photos with Alfonso. “Now, getting Conrad Green back as DWTS showrunner is only ONE of their smartest decisions,” Tom wrote in the caption. “Here’s the other one. Congratulations, buddy!”

According to Page Six, DWTS pro Cheryl Burke spoke with Tom and weighed in on the co-hosting changes on her Burke in the Game podcast. Cheryl said of Tyra, “I respect her very much. I want to be clear that when I say I would love Tom Bergeron to come back on the show, that doesn’t entail necessarily that Tyra has to be fired or I don’t want Tyra there,” she added.

Cheryl explained that quotes she gave to Allison Kugel in August of 2022 about whether “newbies” can “survive” DWTS were “taken out of context.” Cheryl said, “[When] I was mentioning newbies, it wasn’t just Tyra. I was mentioning any new dancer, any new producer, any new hair and makeup person that decides to join Dancing With the Stars.”

She continued, “They will have probably challenges along the way. I didn’t mean if Tyra, [specifically], will survive,” the dancer added.

Cheryl complimented Tyra on her “beautiful … growth” after hosting the competition for two seasons. Cheryl also shared with Tom that she would “love for [him] to come back.”

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She commented, “I think it would be so amazing, especially if I’m involved with the show somehow. It doesn’t mean that I want Tyra out.” Cheryl added, “People just need to stop it.”

Tom responded that he has “no issues with anybody who is in front of the camera on that show at all.” The former DWTS host remarked, “If someone’s offered a gig, they’re fully entitled to take it.”

Tom didn’t rule out a comeback but suggested that they address that possibility when it’s “in front of them.” Thankfully, Cheryl will be back in the ballroom for Season 31 of DWTS. The dance pro had considered retiring after last season. Cheryl will be doing the cha-cha with weatherman Sam Champion.


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