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Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Have Reportedly Filed For Divorce

Oh, no! It looks like Cynthia Bailey didn’t get her fairytale ending with her husband Mike Hill after all. After marrying on 10/10/20, shown on the Real Housewives of Atlanta — the couple has reportedly filed for divorce according to theJasmineBrand.

Cynthia first joined the cast of RHOA in 2010 and stayed a present force on the show until her last season in 2021. During her time as a peach holder, Cynthia and her then-husband, Peter Thomas, took viewers on many emotional roller coaster rides. From throwing a wedding with no money, thinking there would be no wedding because her mother and sister hid their marriage certificate, to potentially being a runaway bride, her first season was nothing short of interesting.

One thing about Cynthia though, she always kept it real. Regardless of what she was going through, she never hid it from the cameras. Her messy fallout with her former bestie NeNe Leakes and eventually her painful divorce from Peter were some of the most difficult times we as viewers had to see Cynthia go through, but as always, she kept it classy and pushed forward.

Sources are revealing that Cynthia and Mike, also known as “Chill”, have been “separated for a while now” and that things between the pair are “amicable”. The source also reveals that the pair have already filed for divorce.

I noticed some things appeared to be off between the couple a little while ago. Fans also noticed that Cynthia took the name “Hill” out of her Instagram and removed pictures of the two of them together on her social media. “They really do love each other and it wasn’t anything scandalous or anyone at fault… it just didn’t work out,” the source said.

I wish nothing but great things for Cynthia. She seems like she’s such a nice person with a genuine spirit. I never felt like she was doing too much for the camera. I always loved how if she didn’t have a problem with someone, she wasn’t going to make one like some of these other girls do… hey, Sanya Richards-Ross — yes, I’m talking about you. But if she did have a problem, she would give you a nice, classy read, and then move on.

Cynthia stays true to herself and her story. You can tell that what she went through with Peter and NeNe, and what we all watched has helped shape her into the strong and amazing woman she is today. She’s confident and sure of herself. Hmm, Maybe now is the perfect time to bring Porsha Williams and Cynthia back to the ATL. I wouldn’t be mad about it.


[Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET]