Stephanie Hollman

Stephanie Hollman Denies Real Housewives Of Dallas Reboot Rumors

I’m gonna be honest here… I’m very bitter and still not over the cancelation of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Dallas. That show, yes a little cringe at times, was as I like to say — “classic Housewives”. How often do we get a Housewife like LeeAnne Locken who literally has no care in the world and would do anything to make a scene great? Not very often at all. And the viewers let this show flop. And clearly, I’m still not okay.

Since Andy Cohen announced that Peacock would be reviving the Real Housewives of Miami a little while ago, I’ve been holding on faithfully believing and hoping that one day, RHOD would be back on our screens with LeeAnne doing LeeAnne-type things and Tiffany Moon clearing the girls so effortlessly and D’Andra Simmons coming for literally whoever is in her way. Yep, even her mama.

So when rumors started to fly that D’Andra and Stephanie Hollman would be making a special appearance at BravoCon to announce the reboot of the show, I smiled from ear to ear. Of course with rumors, you can’t believe everything until we get an official confirmation from someone immersed in the Bravo universe — but you can always be hopeful.

Unfortunately, my dreams were shattered when Stephanie answered a question in her Instagram stories confirming she has not been asked (yet) to be part of any Dallas revival. “Ok- I will always be honest with y’all. I do not know where the rumors started with this or if it’s true at all. I only know my truth,” she said. “I am super appreciative of my time on the show and to everyone at Bravo (they have all treated me so well and I have no complaints). I am not going to BravoCon. I will not be going to NYC.”

Dagger. Right in the heart. “I have personally not talked to them about a reboot and promise that if things change then you will know because it’s hard to hide film crews in Dallas,” she continued. “Thank you guys all for the super sweet messages of support, your kindness never goes unnoticed.”

Well, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for a special BravoCon announcement. Even if Stephanie doesn’t know yet… could something be in the works? It could be possible that filming has not started and wouldn’t start until after the announcement. Who knows. I will say that if we don’t get these girls back as part of the main Housewives line-up, I’d love to see them pop up on an Ultimate Girls Trip. That would be epic.


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]