Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altshul Gives An Update On Butler Michael Kelcourse’s Health Following Stroke

There’s no debate. He put the charm in Southern Charm. Who didn’t love Michael the Butler? He may be the single most unifying man to ever hit the Bravo screen. He induced labor by rubbing pregnant women’s feet, drove a Bently through the McDonald’s drive-through, and had a cocktail to spare at a moment’s notice. There could never be another.

Michael worked for Patricia Altshul for nearly 20 years before he suffered a spinal cord stroke in February of 2021. He hasn’t been back to film since that time, though Whitney Sudler-Smith and Pat have given updates on his progress from time to time.

Nine months after his stroke, Patricia reported that Michael’s recovery was still far from over. She announced that the former butler would soon be transferred to an interim assisted living in order to continue with his therapies and rehabilitation.

Over the weekend, Patricia attended the Sunday Southern Charm panel at BravoCon 2022 in New York City. According to Peopleshe reported to the attendees that Micheal remains paralyzed from the waist down, though he has made several strides over the last 22- months.

“He is paralyzed from the chest down. I sent him to the Shepherd Center, which is the foremost center for spinal cord strokes,” Patricia shared. “They rehabilitated him to the point where he can drive a van. He’s living in an assisted living care facility with nurses, which he requires. He’s in Sarasota, Florida, close with family, so they’re there to take care of him on a daily basis.”

Pat assured everyone that Michael still has his “wonderful attitude.” She told fans, “He’s on Instagram, so send him messages on Instagram, that would be really nice.” Patricia shared that Michael “loves Southern Charm fans.”

“He used to stand out in the front of my house making up chores to do because I have fans around my house all the time. He loved to give garden tours and take pictures — so send him a message, that would be really nice.”

Patricia also encouraged fans to share some love on Michael’s 69th birthday that as earlier this month on Instagram.


[Photo Credit: Rodolfo Martinez/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank]