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Patricia Altschul Gives An Update On Butler Michael Kelcourse’s Recovery After His Stroke

Now that filming for season 8 of Southern Charm is underway, I have some questions. Are we going to have to endure this Austen Kroll and Lindsay Hubbard relationship roller coaster all over again? Will Paige DeSorbo be making an appearance? Am I the only one that’s almost completely forgotten about Shep Rose? And how the hell is everyones favorite, Micheal ‘The Butler’ Kelcourse doing after his stroke last February?

Whitney Sudler-Smith announced to the world in early 2021 that Micheal had suffered an acute spinal cord stroke. Michael had worked for Whitney’s mother, Patricia Altshul, a whopping 17 years. At the time, Whitney told fans, “Although this tragedy has caused significant nerve damage and impairment, with the help of the outstanding physicians at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, we are hopeful Michael will soon recover.”

In March, Patricia announced on twitter that Michael was making good progress, though she could not visit him in-person due to the pandemic. She announced, “We’re in touch all the time and I talk to his doctors frequently.  Because he’s so smart and self motivated he is progressing rapidly.” A month later, in April, Michael was discharged to an assisted living facility.

Patricia made it clear to fans during his move that Michael’s stroke recovery was far from over. She announced on Instagram, “Michael has made many good friends while at the amazing Shepherd Center.. tomorrow he will be transferred to an interim place with assisted living in order to continue with his rehabilitation.” More recently, Patricia gave an update on Michael’s continued progress.


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Late last week Patricia posted a photo to Instagram of Michael during a physical therapy session back at Shepherd Center. Her caption said, “Michael working hard at this specialized physical therapy program at the Shepard Center in Atlanta…famed for success in spinal rehabilitation…..We all miss you and are continually impressed by your dedication to overcome this hardship.”

Of course, fans poured some love in the comments. Who isn’t wishing the only charmer on Southern Charm well? What would we do without Michael’s Bently through a McDonalds drive-thru level service? The show needs him to remind the viewer what a true Southern gent is all about.


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