Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard Claps Back At Amanda Batula’s Claims She’s Not Nice To Fans

Lindsay Hubbard of Summer House sure had a response over the weekend for fellow cast member Amanda Batula after she made claims that Lindsay is rude to fans on an episode of Watch What Happens LiveSummer House fans, next time you see Lindsay on the street, according to Amanda, you may want to think twice before catching her off guard.

According to Pagesix, while playing a game of ‘pick the guilty cast member’, Andy Cohen asked the question “Who is rudest to fans?” Both Paige Desorbo and Amanda were guests and answered that no one on the screen fit the bill. “No one here… who’s jumping out in your head?”, Andy grilled, before answering himself, “Lindsay“. Paige responded quickly, “I didn’t say that” while Amanda nodded while taking a sip. Amanda continued, “Yes, she can be. Yes, from my experience.”

Paige, clearly nervous or surprised with Amanda’s honesty, warned, “Girl, you’re going to get an uncomfortable text later.” Amanda however replied with a shrug, “You know what, listen I will, but”. Andy continued to probe, asking, “Did you see that at Bravocon at all?” Amanda explained, “No she was wonderful at Bravocon it’s been more…. caught off guard”.

Well clap back Lindsay did, by posting a slew of since deleted Instagram stories with snapshots of her not only with fans, but specifically attending Loverboy events over the past year. As fans know, Loverboy is the alcoholic beverage company started by Amanda’s husband and fellow cast member Kyle Cooke where Summer House star’s Amanda and Carl Radke work.

She captioned one of the stories, “I don’t work for Loverboy yet showed up to support my friends over 30 times in 2021 out of love for Carl and out of support for my friends.. why would I do that if I didn’t like fans? Or if I was rude?” She added to one story, “Why would I VOLUNTEER to be at more events than I need to? Think about that one.”

Lindsay continued posting photos as documented evidence of her spending time with fans, captioning one, “Here’s us in Pittsburgh in March at a Loverboy meet and greet where I’m voluntarily rude to fans.” She posted another picture of her from the last year, kissing boyfriend Carl, and captioned it “Chicago I was rudest to my fans.. I made out with them even!”

Near the end of her rant/stories, she posted a photo of Amanda and her at an outing, with the caption: “I’m so f–king tired of people dragging my name through the mud when I’m nothing but nice to them, show them kindness, respect, and support. Clean up your side of the street because mine is doing just fine.”

While Lindsay’s defending herself against Amanda, she has other claims stacking against her. Past cast member Hannah Berner has also made comments, describing her as “the meanest person I’ve ever met” during an episode of her and Paige’s podcast, Giggly Squad. This may explain why Linsday was so activated by Amanda’s comments.

The good news is if you wanted to approach Lindsay, now might be the time, as she’s determined to prove her cast mates wrong. She’ll probably even let you take a selfie, as long as she can use it as photo evidence later, lol!


[Photo Credit: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images]