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Hannah Berner Slams Lindsay Hubbard As The “Meanest Person [She’s] Ever Met”

The Hamptons has been a temporary home to some very eccentric characters, and we’ve gotten to meet many of them thanks to Summer House. The show kicked off with the spectacle that was the Wirkus Circus and has gone on to become ground-zero for debauchery among New York City’s most eligible 30-somethings. These days, Summer House is almost synonymous with Southern Charm thanks to all of the crossovers between both shows. Honestly, the meshing has almost made me forget when the show’s drama centered around Hannah Berner not so long ago.

Hannah is best remembered as being Paige DeSorbo’s messy roommate before the Ciara Miller era. The two were chastised by the rest of the house for being dirty, giggling too much, and inserting themselves into their roommates’ business here and there. Things took a turn for the dark when Paige and Hannah claimed that a psychic told them some tea about Luke Gulbranson and Lindsay Hubbard.

Rumor has it that the pair hooked up, which they both have denied. Truthfully, the psychic of it all was a bit of a stretch. Paige was able to salvage her friendship with most of her roommates (the cat’s out of the bag on Lindsay after that awkward reunion). Hannah, on the other hand, removed herself from the show before things got even worse. I mean, we all remember how she and Des Bishop defiled Kymanda’s bathroom. Not cool, but I can respect her realizing that her time was up. 

Since Hannah left the show, her old roomies don’t miss her much. She and Des tied the knot and got their happily ever after. It seems like only Paige and Ciara are still in touch with her out of the Good Vibes Tribe. Now that she’s distanced herself from Summer House, Hannah decided to throw some daggers by saying some not-so-nice things about Carl Radke’s new fiance. Yeah, sounds like a smart move (not).

Hannah and Paige were recording a live version of their “Giggly Squad” podcast in New York with a live audience when Hannah spilled the tea. Page Six reports that a fan asked the pair where they stand with Lindsay these days, and Hannah didn’t hold back. “[Hubbard] is the meanest person I’ve ever met,” Hannah proclaimed. Something tells me Lindsay was totally activated after seeing Hannah publicly drag her yet again. Carl, make your girl a sandwich to help her calm down. We all know she’s going to need it.


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Paige kept things cordial with her comments about Lindsay. I mean, she’s the one that has to still momentarily live with her while filming. “She’s lovely,” Paige said. Short and sweet. I’m honestly shocked Hannah had such wrath toward Lindsay, considering her relationships with Kyle Cooke and Luke the Lumberjack seemed to end in the worst of the worst ways. Let’s see if HubbHouse has any rebuttal. She’ll probably take the Teresa Giudice route and live in her love bubble with Carl while ignoring the haters.


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