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Wendy Osefo’s Mom Slams Mia Thornton As “Uneducated” And “Classless” In Instagram Posts

Well, well, well… if things between Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo weren’t bad enough on the Real Housewives of Potomac, it looks like things have gotten even uglier since the season started airing. And now, we’ve got mamas jumping into the fights. Whew! It’s about to go down.

Yep. Wendy’s mom, Iyom Susan Okuzu, went on a big rant against her daughter’s RHOP cast member after she watched her try to assault her physically. At this point, we’ve all seen and heard about the mess that went down in South Beach. Mia, who apparently is a ride-or-die friend, went to bat for Peter Thomas after he let it be known that he had beef with Wendy for not calling him when she landed in “his city.”

Let the record reflect that South Beach is NOT Peter’s city. Neither is Charlotte, North Carolina.

Anyway, so Mia threw a drink at Wendy and swung her expensive (I’m assuming) handbag at her as well. According to Reality Blurb!Wendy’s mom went off! In a post shared by Everything Housewives on Instagram, the professor’s mom made it clear: don’t mess with her child.

“Well, well well! Ugly inside out!! CRATER face Mia!! A bombastic, ignorant, nonsensical, baseless, [wannabe] CEO trouble maker!” she said. “You’ve bitten more than you can chew.” Iyom continued, “You just messed with a ‘wrong’ Naija MamaBear baby. … To hell with Mia and Peter! Oh, yeeessss, I say HOLY GHOST FIRE on Mia and Peter, and thunderous amen.”

And if you thought that was it… think again. By this point, we know Mia isn’t going to sit back and let someone come for her, right? She clapped back herself in her own Instagram post. And clearly, to Mia, mother or not, nobody is off limits.

“Nigeria … Yes, I can wave the flag because it’s in my DNA, MAMA ‘na wahala you.’ But sis too busy trying to defend she never once took the time to find out we from the same land,” Mia wrote. The Real Housewives Zone on Instagram shared a screenshot of the post. “So take your thunderous self on to the Holy Ghost Fire and repent. P.S. – My family KNOWS your family. So Tic Tok Mama, WE don’t receive threats kindly,” she concluded.

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But that wasn’t going to fly with Iyom. She followed up with another comment. “Apparently you do [not] understand the definition of a threat! Uneducated classless crater face! You should be worried about physically assaulting my daughter and issue a genuine apology!” Iyom stated “As I mentioned on my earlier post, the prosecution is watching.”

Uh, oh. Is she hinting at legal action here? Iyom added another comment. “You should shut up and genuinely apologize! You have a mouth, you should use it and NOT physically attack my daughter!” Wendy’s mother wrote. “FREE SPEECH Mia! Who do you think you are assaulting my daughter? Your action was seen all over the world!!”

Well, she’s not wrong. The physical fights on these shows have to come to an end. I enjoy a nice heated argument scene much more than I prefer watching a physical fight. It’s too much! Give us more dinner scenes, more of Robyn Dixon busting out a Bluetooth speaker and blasting Candiace Dillard Bassett’s Instagram Live at the table. And more shade. That I’m here for.


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