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Tamra Judge Reveals ‘Messy’ History With Real Housewives of Orange County Newbie Jennifer Pedranti

Finally, Season 17 of Real Housewives of Orange County is right around the corner. We’re severely overdue for a solid season of RHOC. The last few seasons haven’t been the greatest, but the Season 17 trailer teased plenty of drama, fun, and, most importantly, the return of the Tres Amigas. Tamra Judge is back on the scene after two seasons away, and although she hasn’t been on the show, she’s clocking into season 17 with a pre-existing feud with the new housewife, Jennifer Pedranti.

Tamra and Shannon Beador recently sat down for an Instagram Live to spill all of the tea on the upcoming season of RHOC. One of the most explosive moments from the trailer, and one of Tamra’s favorites, is when she throws a napkin right in Jennifer’s face. The newbie looked stunned, but the trailer cut away before seeing her full reaction.

So, it’s clear that Tamra and Jennifer will be going at it this season. However, Tamra revealed that it wasn’t always like that. She explained on Instagram Live that she knew Jen years before her RHOC debut, but their friendship hit a rough patch.

Tamra and Jennifer have a messy history

Tamra explained, “I’ve known Jen for … Geez … It’s been quite a while, like years, five [or] seven years? She came to CUT Fitness after my fitness competition and wanted to train to do her own fitness competition, so we trained her, and she did an amazing job and transformed her entire body, and she’s kept it up. And then some things went down.” Tamra continued, “Our friendship got a little messy a couple years ago when a lot of s**t went down at my gym.”

Who knew that a gym could be the source of messy drama? Despite the bad blood, Tamra referred Jennifer to RHOC years ago. Of course, we had to suffer through a handful of one-and-done OC Housewives before landing on the latest. So, when Tamra found out that Bravo finally cast Jennifer for season 17, she asked herself, “Are you freaking kidding me? Seriously?”

Tamra revealed that before the new season, producers were deciding between Jennifer joining the cast or Braunwyn Windham-Burke returning for a third season. Ultimately, the producers decided to keep Braunwyn on ice and bring Jennifer into the circus. Surely, the history with Tamra played a role in that decision.

Although it looks like Jennifer’s inaugural RHOC season will be bumpy, it doesn’t sound like Tamra regrets referring her to the show. She shared that she’s “one of the best newbies” they’ve had in a while and predicted she’s “here to stay.”

“Her and I had some things to figure out ’cause we had some bumps in our friendship a few years ago. Big bumps. And we screamed it out,” Tamra teased.

Watch the drama between Tamra and Jennifer unfold when The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 premieres on Wednesday, June 7, at 8/7c on Bravo.