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Tom Sandoval Struggles To Find the Note While Changing More Lyrics in Live Performance

What’s your agenda here, Tom? To get publicity for the band? Break hearts even more? Pretend like you are the only one on the planet? Tom Sandoval of Vanderpump Rules is keeping the storyline going by changing up the words at his recent Tom Sandoval and The Most Extras show.

What did he sing?

Well, we already know he’s changed the words from Stacy’s Mom to Schwartz’s Mom. Classy. And now he’s thrown in a TomTom hoodie and thong line (really hope that one is not for Tom Schwartz’s mom), a reference to the cameras, and the kicker – “Can’t you see, Raquel is hot for me.” We know, but a little early my friend. You are still on blast.

I don’t know if you and Raquel Leviss are going to run the ‘us against the world storyline,’ or if this is only you talking, but know your audience. People watch Vanderpump Rules because they are shocked by the behavior, but when you cheat on the prom queen people don’t take to your ‘don’t care about anyone but myself’ attitude. You are not the number one guy in the group. Jax Taylor still is, even when he’s not on the show, with his wife, baby, and non-collateralized house.

I wish the best for you Tom, I really do. But I also wonder if you are about to lose your house, bar, and your spot as the number two guy on the show with your Howie Mandel stunt. I’m glad you have your band, but as the fans have stated, you do sing off-key. And that’s not a B+ performance.

On a recent Vanderpump Rules episode, Tom indicated being with Ariana Madix was the best relationship he’s ever been in. Yeah, because she let you do as you want, be yourself, and she wasn’t about the drama. Maybe Raquel’s giving you this as well (as well as advice ABOUT you to her best friend, Ariana), but please tell me that when your relationship with Raquel shifts that you won’t do the same thing to her.

I think the recent episode spoke for itself. Ariana wanted to spend time together, and you wanted to spend time feeling alive because maybe you aren’t feeling that great within.

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