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Vicki Gunvalson Details Sex Life With Boyfriend Michael

Welp, I’m going to take one for the team and share what Vicki Gunvalson has said about her sex life. No, no, you don’t have to thank me. Vicki’s life changed when she was fired from Real Housewives of Orange County. Despite the life insurance job that padded her wallet and her extended family, Bravo is Vicki’s identity.

During her time on television, Vicki has been through many relationships. Her friendships have been shaky and her love life has been catastrophic. She was with a man who lied about cancer. Then she was dumped by someone who wanted to cosplay as governor of California. Now Vicki is with another man, Michael Smith. And it’s Michael’s job to keep her love tank filled.

Oversharing is a real thing

During Vicki’s performance with Shannon Storms Beador and Tamra Judge this week, Vicki treated the audience to some sensitive information. “An Evening with the Tres Amigas” quickly turned into “people looking awkwardly at each other.” Page Six shared the details.

Vickster shared that poor Michael often requests “just a day off” from having sexual relations with her. She advised RHOC fans “The answer is no,” as Michael quietly wept somewhere in the back.

There can’t be a convo about sex around Tammy Sue unless she gets involved. She said Vicki is “the horniest person” she has “ever met” in her entire life. Vicki did not disagree with her statement. My toxic trait is thinking I can get through this article and pretend they’re talking about something else.

Thankfully, Michael has duties outside of the bedroom and apparently, he provides a lot of support to Vicki. “He just moved back from Texas,” she said. I guess he will have a brand-new set of teeth in about five minutes.

According to Vicki, she may or may not have requested Michael to make the big move to Southern California. “I might’ve had to ask him,” she confessed. The couple aren’t currently living together but are heading in that direction. Right after Vicki buys him a new Harley, I’m sure.

“We will eventually [live together] if we keep this going,” Vicki admits. “I’m not a flipper. I stay — sometimes too long,” as we all reminisce about the hold Brooks Ayers had over her. Vicki made sure to add she dates “to mate.”

Sounds like Mike will have the tow the line for a while because now his daughter works for Vicki—best of luck to all participants in Vicki’s mating journey.

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