Kim DePaola Says Melissa Gorga and Luis Ruelas Are ‘Neck and Neck’ With Lying

Kim DePaola wasn’t on Real Housewives of New Jersey for long. In fact, she’s not even technically considered one of the official Housewives. Just a friend of the Housewives. But despite ending her run in 2018, she still has a lot to say about the franchise.

But in her defense, RHONJ Season 13 is just about all anyone can be talking about right now. The explosive season ended in a three-part finale that left no one on set feeling great but left viewers craving more. All because the reunion dove deep into the Giudice/Gorga feud.

If you somehow don’t know, Teresa Giudice has been feuding with her brother, Joe Gorga, for ages now, and their spouses, Luis Ruelas and Melissa Gorga respectively, have been dragged into it as well. Some would say Melissa is the root cause of the feud in the first place.

But no matter the cause, things have been explosive. Admittedly, both parties have sunk to pretty shady lows to achieve the end of looking like the better couple. But after the reunion, most agreed that Luis came off the shadiest of all, and not just for everything that happened on camera. Now, it’s Giudice vs. Gorga, and Kim adds her two cents.

Kim’s take on the Giudice/Gorga spouses

On the June 17 episode of David Yontef’s podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope, he spoke with Kim about all things RHONJ. During the show, David asked Kim if she believed that Melissa “lies more” than Luis. Kim said, “I think they are neck and neck. Neck and neck. Neck and neck. Listen — it’s one thing after another after another.”

While she has a point that the lies really do come one after the other, it really seems like one party has lied more than the other. But then again, I might not be an objective observer. Kim acknowledged that Luis made her “very confused,” and called his choice to mention private investigator Bo Dietl “so irrational.”

“You are a grown a** man,” Kim said. “Why can’t you hold s*** in? Why can’t you hold Bo Dietl’s name in?” She continued, “Why did you have to say it that night? Kim has a lot of questions, “Why did you have to say it the next day?” As for Melissa, Kim criticized her on the June 10 episode of the podcast, focusing particularly on Melissa’s purported “joke” that she would drunk dial her ex during a cast trip.

“I do not believe that when Melissa was drunk on the bus that she was kidding around. If I was Teresa, I would have said, ‘Listen to me, yes, I do believe that you have drunk text your ex and I do believe you weren’t kidding around.’” She went on to say that it was an unlikely thing to joke about just in terms of subject matter.