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Lucy Edmunds Said Daisy Kelliher Was ‘The Best’ Chief Stew Ever

Daisy Kelliher had some kind of season on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. It was … hectic at best. The interior crew ignored a bleeding guest for 15 minutes. There were mishaps with the radio. And several times when guests were searching for service. There was lots of deflection for obvious mistakes made, and that’s just what went on professionally.

Thankfully, Lucy Edmunds’ comments about her former boss had only to do with working for her. Not about Daisy’s sloppy love triangle with First Mate Gary King and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae.

Daisy is “trustworthy”

Showbiz Cheat Sheet got an exclusive interview with Lucy, who praised Daisy as a boss. Well, that’s in comparison to some “doozy” chief stews of charter seasons past. Not the highest bar.

“But honestly, I’ve had some horrific chief stews,” Lucy explained. “To go into detail about them would take forever. And she was my best and she let us do what we wanted. And my way of wanting to be managed by people is I struggled with it in school. I struggled with it in other industries. Is people micromanaging me down to the every last bit that you do. And she just let us get on with it.”

Perhaps there is a middle ground between micromanaging and completely hands off managing. If Lucy and Mads Herrera were not effective at their jobs, Daisy might have had to be more involved. But their team was not without problems. From an avid viewer, it seemed the girls were simply distracted by matters of the heart. Especially Daisy.

But Lucy got a sense of empowerment and independence under Daisy’s leadership. She recalled a moment when had to learn to make a new cocktail.

“There was a cocktail that I had to smoke with an actual smoker,” Lucy said. “I’ve never done it before. She goes, ‘Here’s the smoker go on YouTube, figure it out for yourself.’ And then I just did it by myself and got it done and dusted … I really like that way of managing. And she was there. She was trustworthy. And I cried to her. I got angry with her. We did all that. But she was a great chief stew. I could not ask for anything more.”

Indeed, Daisy is a fan favorite who has been with the show for three seasons. She’s got a head for the game. And she’s great fun on a crew night out. Daisy is the whole package.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 concludes July 10 at 8/7c on Bravo.