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Kyle Richards and Morgan Wade Have Matching Rings and Heart Tattoos

Okay, kids here we go. The Bravo gods have released more big news, conveniently ahead of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ latest season. Scandoval? We don’t need it! And Alex Baskin must be at church right now lighting several candles. But be aware, rumors are just that – rumors. While we recognize very little will emerge as actual truth, we will acknowledge what has already been discussed.

The news, while huge, is unfortunate. Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky both have a seat on the train to Splitsville. While we send condolences to the family, Kyle is about to get that storyline. So let the fan theories begin! Pretty much everyone has said Mo has a wandering eye, but there’s nothing wrong with Kyle’s vision. According to certain streets, Kyle might have already set her sights on someone. I’m here for this era.

The pattern changed

As I’ve said before, Bravo super fans are not the ones to mess with and Bo Dietl wishes he had half their skills. They called this months ago. Eagle eyes noticed Kyle stopped posting about Mo on social media and figured something was amiss. But they also noticed something else. A new friend of Kyle’s had entered the chat.

Morgan Wade is a lovely country singer from Virginia and Kyle’s current BFF. But because they are super close, naturally they are in a lesbionic relationship. However, our social media detectives have been doing the work and pointing out certain things since Morgan popped up.

Instagram user @facereality16 shared one thing Morgan and Kyle might have in common. That would be matching rings. Her caption read, “I did a deep dive in my stories (saved in highlights as well) on Kyle’s rings and when she stopped wearing them and stumbled upon a similar ring that Morgan was wearing. Thoughts?!”

To be clear, fans weren’t the only ones thinking about Morgan and I’m not talking about Teddi Mellencamp who can’t get over being shoved out. Heather McDonald also saw some writing on the wall.

And we can’t forget the always-reliable “it’s a stunt queen move for a storyline” angle of the whole thing. That said, many folks had their spidey senses tingling when Kyle posted a photo of a girls’ trip back in January. Due to the lack of “U” on Kyle’s monogrammed bag. If you know anything about Kyle, you know she always included U for Umansky.

Not that it means anything, but Morgan was also aboard the aircraft. And I’m sure it was a bonding moment. Kyle and Morgan also allegedly both have matching heart tattoos on their hands.

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Kyle and Mauricio have released a joint statement saying they aren’t getting divorced. We’ll have to stay tuned and see how it all plays out. Despite her current struggles, Kyle just became interesting.