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Kenya Moore Demands Ex Pay Divorce Legal Bills

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is still trying to get rid of the husband it took her so long to find. Always be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. Marc Daly has been a thorn in Kenya’s side since their marriage crumbled.

Kenya and Marc split in 2019 and she filed for divorce in 2021. The divorce has become nasty and Marc is trying to get a piece of Moore Manor. Now Kenya wants him to pony up the cash for her legal bills. Radar has the details.

No Moore Manor for Marc!

How Marc feels partially entitled to a home that existed prior to his relationship with Kenya is beyond me. The former couple is about to head to trial to battle over child support and the division of property.

Because Marc is forcing Kenya to spend her hard-earned cashola on court, she wants him to pay for it. Before Kenya and Marc went full divorce, there was a separate custody petition. They mutually agreed Brooklyn would stay with Kenya and Marc would have visitation.

Kenya initially requested child support and Marc countered that with wanting a piece of the home Kenya built herself prior to meeting him. Marc recently went to court and demanded the enforcement of a partial settlement agreement. According to the ex Mr. Moore, a deal was reached in mediation in May of this year.

Further, Marc advised Kenya agreed to terms after almost eight hours of negotiations. During this time, Kenya was represented by counsel but Marc did not have an attorney because his lawyer peaced out.

Despite a deal allegedly being reached, Marc feels Kenya was taking her sweet time to “expand these proceedings.” Because I’m sure she wanted nothing more than to continue spending money on a man trying to take her house. Said no one.

Marc was a no show

Basically, Marc wanted the court to give him lawyer fees for having to bring the motion in the first place. But now Kenya is hitting back by saying there was a mediation on May 11, but previous attempts to meet had been canceled by … you guessed it, Marc.

Kenya’s motion stated: “During mediation, it was clear Respondent was not negotiating in good faith, and another clear attempt to reach a divorce agreement. After 7.5 hrs of mediation, and based on advice of counsel [Kenya] chose to end the session due to Respondent’s inability to agree on most essential terms.”

Per Kenya, no agreement was reached. Her attorney said, “It is well established that no contract exists until all essential terms have been agreed to, and the failure to agree to even one essential term means that there is no agreement to be enforced. An agreement between two parties will occur only when the minds meet at the same time, upon the same subject matter, and in the same sense.”

Additionally, “During the over 7hr mediation, [Marc] made clear many of the terms in dispute he would not agree to. Through [Marc’s] own omission, he stated ‘I did not agree with the proposed terms.’ Mediation was ended without [Kenya’s] counsel being informed of any agreement and thus was not signed with counsel or [Kenya].”

This could be a very expensive he said/she said situation. Team Moore Manor.