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Kim Zolciak Selling Daughter’s Designer Goods After Gambling Issues

Kim Zolciak has fallen on hard times and pretty much everyone knows about it. Not only is her family in jeopardy, she may or may not have a clinical addiction to gambling. If you ask Kroy Biermann, he would definitely have something to add.

It appears the Real Housewives of Atlanta alums are both without gainful employment and their debt is massive. Instead of Kroy finding some NFL consulting gig and Kim going back to work, they’ve opted to sell some of their more pricey items. Last night, Kim was online trying to hock some of Brielle Biermann’s goods.

Is it a Chanel or Shanel?

Credit: @kimzbiermann

Pro-tip, if you decide to help Kimbo out and purchase some of her gently used luxury items, have an authenticator on speed dial. She took to Instagram and treated her 3.4 million fans to a sneak peek of stuff she’s trying to unload for cash. Apparently, the merch will eventually show up on Biermann’s Closet. You are now allowed to purchase from them again, seeing as Kim and Kroy have reconciled. For now.

Kim showed off a Chanel purse, called it “Barbie-like,” and proceeded to request $5500 for the item. There were fancy-ish Prada boots for a paltry $700 and an additional Chanel purse listed at $7k. Not for nothing, it’s probably on The Real Real for about 25% less, but you don’t get the extra bonus of knowing your bag sat at the bottom of Brielle’s closet, ignored for months.

Credit: @kimzbiermann

If you’re really feeling frisky, you can drop $10,000 on a very rare Louis Vuitton duffle bag of Brielle’s, that surely comes with the box, dust bag, proper papers, and receipt. Keeping with the brand, there was a pair of barely-worn Louis boots for $500.

Kim wanted to make payments easy and offered either Zelle or cash app, which obviously makes one feel secure that she won’t immediately run to the nearest slot machine. Then Kim dropped this little gem of information:

“I’m cleaning out her closet, kinda, without her authorization a little bit too,” Brielle’s mom admitted. This might be why Kroy locked some stuff up in a safe, no?

Kim’s hustle continues as her bills pile up and her marriage remains rocky. Stay tuned.