Tamra Judge
Photo by: Eugene Gologursky/Bravo via Getty Images

Tamra Judge Would Like to ‘Squash That Beef’ With Teresa Giudice at BravoCon 2023

Tamra Judge is known as one of the Housewives’ most notorious pot-stirrers. That can be both a blessing and a curse. Sometimes, Tamra is the most interesting person on screen. Other times, she can be the most annoying. Real Housewives of Orange County viewers sometimes find her problematic or inauthentic.

For example, in her beef with Real Housewives of New Jersey veteran, Teresa Giudice. The issue that most viewers have is that, from their perspective, it’s a one-sided beef. Teresa allegedly blocked Tamra on Instagram, but besides that, she hardly acknowledged her attacks.

Regardless, Tamra will stir the pot as she does, whether her subjects feed the flames or not. So, in her mind, her feud with Teresa is still ongoing. And she got more than one opportunity to bring it up with Andy Cohen on a recent Watch What Happens Live episode.

Will Tamra confront Teresa at BravoCon?

Andy asked, “Anyone y’all are looking forward to seeing at BravoCon?” Tamra joked, “Everyone.” So Andy rephrased and asked if there was anyone they weren’t looking forward to seeing. Tamra admitted, “I’m a little afraid of Squash That Beef.” The audience laughed and Andy said, “You’ve got a few.”

She went on, “I’d like to squash my beef with Teresa.” Andy smiled amusedly and said, “Happy to hear that.” From there, they moved on from Teresa and just expressed their excitement in general. Earlier in the same episode, Tamra said she “really likes” Teresa, and does want to get past the hard feelings.

But viewers weren’t too impressed with Tamra’s display. As one commenter wrote under the clip, “If Teresa doesn’t care about the petty women on her show, why would she care about Tamra? Teresa is gonna ask what the beef is if they get put on stage together.” Another suggested Tamra was “trying a little too hard with all the feuds and craziness.”

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