The Winners and Losers of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4

Gary King
Photo Credit: Bravo/YouTube

Below Deck Sailing Yacht is one of the more enticing Below Deck spin-offs, and Season 4 recently provided viewers with all the drama. The love triangle between Chief Engineer Colin MacRae, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, and First Officer Gary King captivated fans, and became one of the main plots of the season.

Captain Glenn Shephard returned for his fourth season to the delight of viewers, and Ileisha Dell was cast as the season’s chef. The rest of Season 4’s cast included 2nd Stew Lucy Edmunds, 3rd Stew Mads Herrera, and deckhands Alex Propson and Chase Lemacks. While some cast members ended the season as winners, others did not have such fortunate fates.

Colin MacRae – Winner

Colin MacRae/Instagram

Despite being involved in a chaotic love triangle with Daisy and Gary, Colin emerged from Season 4 as a winner. Colin faced heat for previously flirting with Daisy while he was in a relationship during Seasons 2 and 3. However, he handled his relationship with Daisy with maturity during Season 4.

While Daisy became angry with Colin for previously seeing another woman while he was hooking up with her prior to filming, he was honest. Colin was upfront with Daisy from the start, although she was not upfront about the time she was spending on the side with Gary. While Colin was certainly not perfect on Season 4, he deserves credit for his honesty.

Colin now has another girlfriend, while Daisy and Gary both remain single. And while his relationship with Daisy is understandably strained, Colin is still good friends with Gary, which is nice to see.

Ileisha Dell – Winner

Ileisha Dell/Instagram

Ileisha was one of the least dramatic cast members of Sailing Yacht Season 4, which deems her a winner in our book. She was not only easygoing, but proved herself to be one of the best chefs in Below Deck history. Ileisha was extremely patient, and truly went out of her way to meet the most specific requests of every guest.

One of Ileisha’s most impressive feats of Season 4 included the 10 course meal she prepared for a picky guest. She also prepared a pride-themed dinner for the same guest, which was really something else. Ileisha pulled out all the creative stops, even cutting watermelon into adorable unicorn shapes. Ileisha proved herself to be an amazing chef and team player. She was one of the cast members who really saved Season 4.

Daisy Kelliher – Loser

Daisy Kelliher/Instagram

Daisy may have had high hopes for Season 4, but the Chief Stew unfortunately came out of the reunion as one of the season’s losers. At the start of the season, Daisy was in a relationship with Colin. However, this progressively grew somewhat strained due to Gary. The former couple finished the season together, but broke up by the time the reunion was filmed. Unfortunately for Daisy, Colin is now in a new relationship, while she is still single.

However, Daisy brought some of this upon herself, as she was not honest with Colin when he was honest with her. Daisy failed to be upfront about the time she had spent with Gary, while she and Colin were hooking up. Colin was understandably upset at this, and claimed that it was impossible to reason with Daisy.

In addition to her strained relationship with Colin, Daisy now stands in an awkward place with Gary. Daisy claims that Colin put a strain on her friendship with Gary, which suggests that the two will likely not date in the near future.

Gary King – Loser

Gary King/Instagram

It’s no surprise that Gary is one of the losers of Sailing Yacht Season 4, since he caused chaos all season. Gary joined the boat a few days late, but immediately pursued Daisy despite knowing that she and Colin were now involved. It was evident that Daisy was not interested in Gary at that time. However, he nonetheless continued to flirt with her.

Gary also took an interest in 3rd Stew Mads. Unfortunately for him, she had no desire to pursue any kind of serious relationship. While Gary was able to remain friends with Colin, he did not have any luck with love on Season 4. As a result, he is one of the season’s losers, especially since he caused so much trouble onboard!