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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Sports Bar to Feature Mamaw’s Beer Cheese

Yes friends, you read that correctly. Here’s your storyline for Valley Village! Or Vanderpump Rules Fired People Get a Second Chance, whatever the new Bravo show will be called. Get ready because Jax Taylor is opening his own bar.

Step aside, TomTom because Jax is coming in hot and ready to take over the LA restaurant scene. Does this bode well for his marriage with Brittany Cartwright? Probably not but don’t worry, Jax’s spot will at least feature Mamaw’s famous beer cheese to smooth over any hurt feelings. Jax dropped the details on his podcast.

Jax’s Studio City

On an episode of When Reality Hits, Jax and the gorgeous Brit shared their big news. No, not the Divorce of 2025, a new place to grab a drink and some cheese! Jax said, “I am opening a sports bar. It is going to be called Jax’s Studio City. We started construction on Monday and I am really excited. We are finally going to have a neighborhood sports bar.”

Regarding the strength of his and Brittany’s marriage, Jax is going to try really hard to keep things together. “I know in the past I said that owning a bar is basically a marriage killer, but the difference is [Brittany is] involved just as much as I am. My wife is involved just as much as I am. We have 100 percent say in what is going on and she is doing the decorating,” he explained. Are we all going to say this together? SURE, JAN.

“The difference between some other people that we know that did a bar without their significant others is that I am involving mine,” Jax added. The shade of it all. We’ll have to revisit those words in 2.5 years. As for Brittany, she’s thrilled to be working alongside her hubby.

She gave her opinion on the whole thing. “He [Jax] said [owning a bar ruins relationships] many times and it has freaked me out ever since this project came to be a possibility for us. It is called Jax’s, but it is mine too,” Brittany pointed out.

Bring on the beer cheese!

“And you are not going to be there 24/7. It is going to be kid-friendly during the day,” Brit said. Oh bless her damn heart. At least Jax is co-signing Mamaw’s Beer Cheese, so all of us can now sleep better at night.

“What we are planning on doing is finally having Mamaw’s Beer Cheese on the menu so people can come and pick up their own little tub there,” Brit said. “We couldn’t sell it here in California, but now that we have a kitchen, I am going to fly my [grandmother] out and have her help with the menu so that it has a lot of southern charm.”

Good luck to these two on their new venture!