Gary King’s Worst Moments With Women

Gary King, Below Deck Sailing Yacht
(Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images)

Gary King has been playing with women’s hearts for three seasons of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which does not put him in the best of graces with many Below Deck fans. For the last three seasons, Gary has served as the First Officer aboard Parsifal III, and met many female colleagues. Throughout the seasons, Gary has always had an undeniable attraction to Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, although their dynamic is complicated.

Gary was involved in his first love triangle between 3rd Stew Alli Dore and Deckhand Sydney Zaruba during Season 2. Later, during Sailing Yacht Season 3, Gary juggled another love triangle with Junior Stews Ashley Marti and Scarlett Bentley. Gary’s most recent crush was Junior Stew Mads Herrera on Season 4. However, she did not give him the attention he had hoped for.

While Gary has had many bad moments with these women, some stand out above others. These are Gary King’s worst moments with women.

Gary Fumbled The Bag on Alli After Hooking Up With Sydney


Since his first appearance on Season 2, it’s clear that Gary is as big of a player as they come. Gary fell hard for Alli, although it did not take him long to mess things up between them. Prior to pursuing Alli, Gary had hooked up with Sydney, although he emphasized that he wanted to keep things casual. However, Sydney still remained interested in him, and things between them did not stop after Alli came into the picture.

Alli reached her breaking point when she discovered Gary and Sydney together in a hot tub, which ultimately ended their boatmance. Gary and Alli had a much more serious relationship than he and Sydney. So, Gary should have just focused on that. Instead, he was unable to put all of his eggs in one basket, which he paid the price for.

Gary admitted that he was heartbroken by the way things ended with Alli, although he arguably did it to himself. To make matters even worse, Gary later revealed that he had a long distance girlfriend while he had been entertaining both Alli and Sydney.

Gary Hurt Ashley By Flirting With Scarlett

Scarlett Bentley
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Gary did not change his ways during Sailing Yacht Season 3, where he got tangled in another love triangle between Ashley and Scarlett. It was evident that Ashley was interested in Gary from the beginning. But he did not seem to return the same amount of affection. Gary initially led on both Ashley and Gabriela Barragan, who left the season early.

After Gabriela left, Ashley was confident that Gary would finally be all hers. However, she could not be more wrong, as Gary did not take long to start chatting up Scarlett. Gary became persistent with Scarlett to the point where it was just cringe. He would even pester her to talk to him while she would be trying to work.

Ashley reached her breaking point when she caught Gary and Scarlett chatting in the middle of the night, and quickly outed them to Daisy. Daisy intervened and broke up the discussion by telling them to return to work. However, it was clear that there was nothing Gary could do to mend things with Ashley.

Gary Could Not Take No For An Answer From Daisy


While there was always some tension between Gary and Daisy, the two finally faced it head on during Sailing Yacht Season 4. Gary joined Season 4 a few days late, which ended up being a major setback for the First Officer. Daisy already had some interest in Chief Engineer Colin MacRae, and Gary also worried that she may be interested in Deckhand Alex Propson.

When Gary finally returned, he immediately set his sights on Daisy, although she was initially not thrilled with this. Gary made Daisy visibly uncomfortable, and continued to flirt with her after she asked him not to. Eventually, Gary caused a strain on the budding relationship between Colin and Daisy, which briefly affected his own friendship with Daisy.

When Gary failed to get the attention he craved from Daisy, he did what he knows how to do best, and moved on to another woman. This time he chose Mads, although she was not nearly as interested in him as he was in her.

Gary has been playing with women on the Parsifal III for three seasons now, and it does not look like he will change his ways anytime soon.