Courtney Rhodes
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Courtney Rhodes Claims Kenya Moore Is a ‘Bully’ To Real Housewives of Atlanta Producers

It’s never surprising to hear that the Real Housewives are guilty of diva behavior. It’s to be expected. Of course, there’s a time, place, and threshold. While it’s a Housewife’s job to stir up drama, it should be within the confines of the show.

But fame can go to one’s head, and if Courtney Rhodes can be trusted, then Kenya Moore might be fame’s latest victim. Many Real Housewives of Atlanta fans love Kenya because they know she’s playing a character, or so they believe.

But with that love comes frustration. Many viewers feel Kenya’s been done dirty more than once by production’s edits. And Kenya might be just as unsatisfied with production. Not to mention the rest of the crew.

Did Kenya blow up at RHOA staff?

On Friday, August 4, Courtney went onto David Yontef’s podcast, Behind the Velvet Rope, to discuss her costar’s behavior. “Kenya is a lot more delusional than people realize,” she said, “and when she wants to do something and have a story in a narrative, she’s just going to run with it.”

In particular, she referenced a Season 15 spat aftermath. “It was obvious that Kenya was okay because what you didn’t see was she was cursing production out. The way she speaks to production — it just makes me uncomfortable. On the Alabama trip, the lighting wasn’t bright enough for her, and she just tore into this young lady on production. I was just mortified.”

She continued, “That was so inappropriate, and that’s not right. I don’t like that. That sh*t is not cool. You are not above anybody. I wasn’t really paying attention to everybody’s reaction. But for me personally, I was like, my friends don’t do that. You don’t treat people like that. People have rights. Bullying is not cool. Like, come on, stop. It’s not okay.”

Courtney concluded with a poignant takeaway. “It doesn’t matter if it’s someone sweeping the floor. It does not matter. We’re all humans. It’s so gross and disrespectful. I lost a lot of respect for her at that moment and seeing that a couple of times — we are oil and water.” During a time when essential workers are so highlighted, Courtney couldn’t be more correct.

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