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Kim Zolciak Calls Police After Being Allegedly Locked Out of House and Given Pillow by Husband Kroy Biermann

Whew boy, Kroy Biermann pulled a petty stunt and I’m not sure we’ve seen the likes of this in a minute. As you know, and as the police officers in Milton County, Georgia know, Kroy and Kim Zolciak have once again pulled the plug on their marriage.

Last week Kroy had Kim served with papers to end their wedded bliss. But according to, well, everyone it hasn’t been blissful for a very long time. While their reconciliation was brief, the fighting endured, and ultimately Kroy didn’t want to deal with the mess anymore.

That point never became more clear than when he locked the Real Housewives of Atlanta alum out of the McMansion. And lest you think Kroy was acting with considerable coldness, he left her a pillow on the porch. Radar has the scoop.

Pillow fight?

Welp, Kroy had enough and locked the doors on Kim after she received her walking papers. After an “explosive” argument with Kroy, he somehow determined the fight warranted locking the mother of his kids out of Toxic House.

Going the extra mile, there was a pillow available for Kim to rest her weave whilst she considered her options. Apparently, she decided getting back inside the home was a priority and contacted a locksmith.

Let’s take a moment and share some thoughts and prayers with the local police because they were called back into action. And now onto the incident report …

Kim rang the cops close to midnight last Friday to report, you guessed it, a “domestic disturbance.” Her statement read: “husband locked her out/caller arguing with husband.”

The report advised, “No one in danger – but caller reports: her husband has threatened her.” The process server had stopped by to gift Kim with the divorce papers around 7 pm, so I guess she had about four hours or so to get fully worked up about it.

It continued, “She had a locksmith come out and drill into the door to get her in. Her husband has put a pillow outside the door and won’t let her in the house.” Hey, let’s take a minute to consider they are doing this AGAIN with four little kids in the house.

The dispatch records showed the officers were able to get out of there around 1 am. Kim did get back into the house and all of the kids supposedly slept through the ordeal. She has yet to respond to Kroy’s divorce request.

No word on what happened to the pillow, but it’s probably glad to be out of there.