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Kim Zolciak May Need to ‘File for Bankruptcy’ Amid Divorce From Kroy Biermann

Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Kim Zolciak is in a world of personal and financial hurt. Her husband, Kroy Biermann filed for divorce two times in the space of three months. But Kim’s cash left her a long time ago.

Amid major money issues that have been plaguing the couple for ages, everything appears to be coming to a head. They almost lost the Atlanta McMansion several times to foreclosure. The IRS wants about $1 million in payment. Target, American Express, Saks, and a casino in the Bahamas all have Kim’s photo in their debt collections office.

As for Kroy, he had a car repossessed, which is humiliating. Discover Bank wants to chat with him. But he’s been enabling Kim and her alleged gambling habits for about 12 years. Now their relationship is off the menu but it might be time to order a bankruptcy.

Kim’s Chapter 7 era?

Remember attorney Neama Rahmani? He’s the guy who helped Scheana Shay along when she was having legal issues with Rachel Leviss. Now Neama is sharing some advice for Kim and Kroy, free of charge. Which is good because they wouldn’t be able to pay for it anyway. He dropped the details on an episode of the Us Weekly podcast, Legally Us.

Neama feels confident the reconciliation didn’t stick due to Kimbo and Kroy’s massive lack of money. “There’s a lot that’s going on here, but obviously financial problems are one of the number one reasons why people do get divorced.” Oh Neama … They’re also getting divorced due to neither of them having income, and the constant fighting. Kroy’s alleged penchant to smoke the doobs. And let’s not forget Kim thinks Kroy is mentally unstable because of possible football injuries.

The lawyer added, “I’m really surprised at how they’ve handled this, both in terms of the family side and the potential bankruptcy. It seems like these two need to separate, need to file for bankruptcy, really start their life over — both their personal and professional life, because everything just seems like a mess right now.” Gee, you THINK?

Wouldn’t Neama like to know Kim and Kroy were apparently still sleeping in the same bed amid their issues? You know, but not “engaging.” And those employed at the local police force are reconsidering their life choices because Kim and Kroy bug them so much.

End of the line for Kim and Kroy

There’s also the possibility K and K stayed married while they considered filing for bankruptcy. Neama said, “[It] really depends on the circumstances” and “what sort of assets the parties have together, whether it’s community property or marital assets, what they have separately [and] if there’s debt that’s incurred by one spouse and not the other.”

Well, that’s easy, they’ve had to sell assets online to try and scrape by. We’ll have to see if Kim and Kroy pull the trigger and file for bankruptcy. At this point, it might be the last thing they can obtain on their own.