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RHOA Fans Slam Courtney Rhodes for Suggesting Drew Sidora’s Mental Health Struggles May Have Been Faked

The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans are coming for Courtney Rhodes and Kandi Burruss after making insensitive comments about Drew Sidora’s sister. 

“I have to be honest, I thought you [Drew] had been lying about your sister having a mental illness because she seems so normal and like a woman who doesn’t have those kinds of problems,” Kandi said in a deleted clip of her YouTube series Speak On It

But it wasn’t long before Cousin Courtney chimed in, adding that she believed Drew was using her sister for a storyline. “To me, it just feels a little like exploitation,” she said. “She’s feeding her tequila constantly in these settings. Like, why would you do that?”

Courtney and Drew have been at odds since the second half of Season 15. Now, as the season comes to an end with the upcoming two-part reunion, it appears there will be even more drama between the pair. And if that wasn’t enough, Drew’s sister will be involved too. 

Courtney said what she said

That wasn’t all Courtney had to say about Drew, however. The RHOA rookie spoke about when Ralph sided with her despite calling Drew a “bitch.” 

“Because I have been a better friend to Ralph in these last 6 months than Drew has been a wife in 8 years, period!” Courtney said. 

“And I stand on that,” she added. “Because I would never do the things she’s done to him and try to make him seem like this horrible narcissistic husband when she’s just been playing this whole victim role, trying to intentionally create these storylines and make him look horrible. That’s not okay!”

Fans are not happy with Kandi and Court

Although some clips have been deleted, fans were still able to capture the moments and share them on social media. As you might imagine, viewers were appalled at the lack of care and concern from the ladies’ regarding Drew’s sister and mental illness. Some went as far as to call the moment “disgusting.” 

“Not Kandi and Courtney making light and questioning Drew’s sister Alison’s mental health because she didn’t “look” like someone who has suffered from mental illness. Wow,” another user wrote

Yikes. Kandi, girl, next time, maybe stop and think before hitting “publish.” I’m surprised nobody from the Kandi Koated Klique stopped to tell you how incredibly foolish you all sounded. However, KB typically makes things right. So, hopefully, she extends an apology to Drew and her family. As for Cousin Courtney … well, girl… bye. 

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