Shannon Beador
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Shannon Beador Regrets and Apologizes for CPS Comments About Gina Kirschenheiter

Historically, Shannon Beador and Gina Kirschenheiter don’t get along. Season 17 of The Real Housewives of Orange County gave us one of their funnier fights when Shannon donned a flashy sequin dress and an unbeweavably bad wig to cosplay as Gina’s messy era at the “You Do Me” party, but we also got a fight between them that was immeasurably more bleak and dishonest.

Gina was slapped with a DUI a few seasons ago, and Shannon called the Orange County D.A. to pull some strings so Gina wouldn’t be arrested. Shannon hasn’t stopped talking about it since. However, Shannon went below the belt this time by saying something that sounded a lot like she saved Gina’s kids from being taken by CPS in the aftermath of the DUI. Even worse? When confronted, Shannon vehemently denied ever saying it.

There’s a sneaky little thing called a camera that follows her and her friends around, though, and it captured her saying just that. Forced to acknowledge it once presented with undeniable proof, Shannon talked about it to Today while promoting her Tres Amigas Live show (yes, ugh, and Vicki Gunvalson was also there for the interview) and addressed those CPS comments.

Shannon says she and Gina go hard at the reunion over the CPS comment

According to Shannon, we’ll see her and Gina go toe-to-toe at the upcoming RHOC reunion that just taped last week; not because of the social media storm that erupted between the two after Shannon’s shady Gina costume, but mostly because of the out-of-line CPS comment Shannon made at her tequila party when she was “angry with [Gina].”

“I think a lot of the audience and fans, and even Gina thought that I was alluding that Child Protective Services were going to put her children in the system. I never ever meant that, I shouldn’t have said it at all.”

Use your words better, Shannon! She says she’s sorry anyway and wished she just kept quiet.

“I regret it and I apologize for it, but I just meant that if she were to have been arrested, and an adult wouldn’t have been home, they would have temporarily taken the kids for a little while, which still doesn’t make it right to say.”

Vicki defends Shannon

Vicki chimed in, of course.

“But that’s the facts, if nobody was there, they would have probably taken the children until they could get ahold of Matt [Kirschenheiter] – Gina’s ex-husband/father of her kids]. They’re not going to leave the children home alone. “

Shannon reiterated that it was a point of contention at the reunion.

“Anyways, it was a big, big deal for Gina, and it made it [the reunion] tough.”

Gina already said she was ready to rumble with Shannon at the reunion, so with those two voices competing, we’re going to need some earplugs! The Real Housewives of Orange County airs every Wednesday at 8/7c. on Bravo.